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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph William Mosley: Birth: 22 JUN 1840 in Madison County, TX. Death: 10 NOV 1918 in Madison County, TX

  2. William Marion Mosley: Birth: 23 JUN 1841 in Butler County, AL. Death: 3 AUG 1919 in Texarkana, Miller County, AR

  3. Nancy Ann Mosley: Birth: AUG 1848 in Butler County, AL. Death: 24 FEB 1879 in Wilson County, TX

  4. Juda Ann Mosley: Birth: 26 JAN 1851 in Butler County, AL. Death: 30 APR 1920 in Madison County, TX

  5. Martha Ann Mosley: Birth: AUG 1856 in Montgomery County, TX. Death: 13 FEB 1887 in Madison County, TX

  6. Flora Ann Moseley: Birth: 6 NOV 1858 in Madison, TX. Death: 22 FEB 1907 in Madison County, TX

  7. Aaron Ashley Mosley: Birth: 17 OCT 1860 in Madison County, TX. Death: 11 OCT 1938 in North Zulch, Madison County, TX

  8. James Albert Mosley: Birth: 1862 in Madison County, TX. Death: 1867 in Madison County, TX

  9. Joseph Robert Mosley: Birth: 16 DEC 1878 in TX. Death: 13 JAN 1967 in Bryan, Brazos County, TX

  10. Mary Mosley: Birth: ABT. 1879 in TX. Death: UNKNOWN

  11. Marques Alexander Mosley: Birth: 6 JAN 1882 in TX. Death: 17 MAY 1956 in Normangee, Leon County, TX

1. Title:   Cemetery Survey with tombstone photo

a. Note:   Census Record of 1900 Madison County, TX Says Aaron Mosley's Mother born in AL 1900 Census, Madison County, TX ED 32 Precint 4 6-6-1900 Page 32 Sheet # B3 Image #6 from Ancestry. Com Census Records is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.