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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth (Betsy) Till: Birth: 1818 in Orangeburg County, SC. Death: AFT. 1880 in Cardston AlbertaTemple

  2. Rebecca Till: Birth: 1820 in Orangeburg County, SC. Death: UNKNOWN

  3. Harmon Till: Birth: OCT 1822 in Orangeburg County, SC. Death: BEF. 1859 in Butler County, AL

  4. John Till: Birth: 24 FEB 1824 in Orangeburg County, SC. Death: 12 JAN 1900 in Lowndes County, AL

  5. Henry Hampton Till: Birth: 3 MAR 1826 in Orangeburg County, SC. Death: 7 JUN 1905 in Butler County, Monterery, AL

  6. Samuel Washington Till: Birth: 28 AUG 1827 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: 22 AUG 1888 in Butler County, AL

  7. Allen David Till: Birth: ABT. 1835. Death: 22 JUL 1862 in Civil War

  8. James H. Till: Birth: ABT. 1835 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: 20 JUL 1862 in Civil War

  9. Daniel Green Till: Birth: 12 APR 1838 in Butler County, AL. Death: 10 MAY 1928 in Butler County, AL

a. Note:   Was in 1840 census as head of household in Butler Co., AL
  Courtesy Elaine Hendricks
  The Hungerpiller Family History: Found at: Orangeburg Genealogical Soc iety Internet home page . John Jacob Hungerpiller born about 1726, Dossenhen Baden, Germany, mar ried Christina Barbar a _____. 175? November 7 Petition Jacob Hungerbekler, Cunlif, OGS News Vol. 1, page 47. Settled Polk S pring, Four Holes, Midway Community. REF: Hied elberg to Orangeburg by Frederick A. Smith, Sr . 1988. 1755 On Sunday November 16th in Orangeburg Church. John Jacob, son of Bernhard and Anne Mar y Ziegler; born September 23d 1755. Suscept. Joh n Friday Junr. and Susannah, his wife, and Jo hn Jacob Hungerbiller. ( Rev. Giessendanner) Christina Barbara ? born about 1726 1756 On Sunday September 19th in Orangeburg Church. John Conrad, son o f Caspar and Anna Mari a Kuhn, born April 16th 1756. Suret: Hans Ulric k Dantzler, Conrad Hungerbiller and Christia n Barbara wife of John Ja cob Hungerbiller. (Rev. Giessendanner) 1757 On Sunday Elizabeth Hungerbiller; born September 3d 1757. Suret: Barnard Ziegler, Jaco b and Christina Barbara Hungerbiller. (Rev. Gies sendanner) Children of John Jacob Hungerpiller: 1 Gertrude Hungerpiller born 1747 2. Barbara Hungerpiller born 1749, Germany REF: Heidelberg to Orangebu rg by Frederick A. Smith Sr. 1988. 3. Berhard David Hungerpiller born 24 Dec 1752, Orangeburgh SC. 1753 B aptized in Orangeburg C hurch on Easter Sunday April 22d. Bernhard Dav id, son of John Jacob and Christina Barbara Hun gerbuller; born Decemb er 24th 1752. Susceptr. Bernhard Ziegler, David Kuntzenauer, and Ana M a rgaret Barrin. (Rev. Giessendanner) 4. Hans Barnard Hungerpiller born 5 June 1755, Orangeburg, SC. 1755 O n Sunday August 17th i n Orangeburg Church. Hans Barnard, son of Jaco b and Christina Barbara Hungerbiller, born Jun e 5th 1755. Suscpt. Joh n Waber, Barnard and Anna Mary Ziegler. (Rev. Gissendanner) 5. Anna Margaret Hungerpiller born 26 August 1759, Orangeburg, SC. 175 9 Sunday November 25, Orangeburg Church. Anna Margaret, daughter of Jaco b and Christina Barbar a Hungebiller; born August 26, 1759. Suret: Cas par and Anna Maria Kuhn and Margaret wife of J oseph Huber. (Rev. Gies sendanner) Rosanna Hungerpillar is a descendant of this family. Her exact line i s not known, but she mus t be a grandaughter or great grandaughter of this family. _________________________ From Mildred Stinson Brown Butler County 1840 Widows Baldaree, Ruth age 60-70 Barrett, Gatsy age 30-40 Bell, Nancy age 40-50 Berry, Rhoda age 40-50 Black, Mary age 30-40 (husband unkn/mother of Lytle S. Black) Bowen, Rhoda age 40-50 Brewer, Tabitha age 60-70 Caldwell, Elizabeth age 40-50 Cates, Martha age 30-40 Camp, Ellen age 20-30 Cook, Elizabeth age 40-50 Cotton, Mahala T. age 30-40 Davis, Jane age 50-60 (widow of Robert Davis) Etheridge, Nancy age 40-50 Franklin, Susan age 30-40 Gandy, Axy age 50-60 Glanton, Margaret age 50-60 Grice, Lucinda age 30-40 Hamilton, Elvira age 40-50 Hammonds, Mary age 40-50 Harper, Elizabeth age 20-30 Henton, Elizabeth age 30-40 Hill, Jane age 70-80 Hudson, Mourning age 40-50 Ingram, Mary age 30-40 Jackson, Jane age 50-60 Jones, Sarah age 40-50 Jones, Sarah age 60-70 Legg, Mary age 20-30 McCormick, Dorcas age 60-70 McDaniel, Elizabeth age 60-70 Majors, Nancy age 50-60 Martin, Brittania age 50-60 Mobley, Nancy age 20-30 Murry, Elizabeth age 20-30 Newton, Dicy age 60-70 (widow of Amos Newton) Odom, Rebecca age 40-50 Peavy, Lydia age 50-60 Perritt, Rebecca age 50-60 Perry, Elizabeth age 40-50 Perry, Mary age 40-50 Phillips, Elizabeth age 40-50 Pierce, Unity age 20-30 Raines, Mary age 30-40 Reddock, Sarah age 60-70 (widow of William Reddock) Rhodes, Amy age 40-50 (poss. Anny Rhodes) Roach, Delila age 40-50 Sentell, Mary A. age 40-50 Shine, Elizabeth age 40-50 Smith, Nancy age 40-50 Smith, Nancy age 20-30 Sweeten, Mary age 20-30 Talley, Ann age 40-50 Tignor, Nicy age 50-60 Till, Rosanna age 30-40 Waller, Bridget age 50-60 Waters, Mary age 20-30 Watson, Mary age 40-50 Watson, Rachel age 20-30 Webb, Rebecca age 30-40 West, Elizabeth age 30-40 Wester, Elizabeth age 30-40 Williams, Martha age 40-50 Womack, Sarah A. age 90-100 Woodson, Nancy S. age 40-50 Wright, Harriett age 30-40 Yeldell, Elizabeth age 30-40 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.