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Hardy Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 1803.
Henry Clay Nichols: Birth: ABT 1825.
Hymerick Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 1798 in Bladen Co, NC. Death: 01 NOV 1851 in Hinds Co, MS
Isaac Lewis- Nichols: Birth: BET 1791 AND 1794 in Bladen Co, NC. Death: ABT 1830 in Simpson Co, MS
Isham Williamson- Nichols: Birth: 1797. Death: 1896 in Marion Co, SC
James Cottrell- Nichols: Birth: 1781 in VA?.
James Nichols: Birth: ABT 1740 in (estimate JPace).
Jane Cottrell- Nichols: Birth: 15 NOV 1783 in VA. Death: 15 SEP 1845 in Daviess Co, MO
John uk- Nichols: Birth: 1825. Death: 1892 in Bluff City, AR
Judith Cottrell Holdenpyle- Nichols: Birth: AUG 1812 in TN. Death: 1903 in r. Bridgeport, Cocke Co, TN
Lewis Copeland- Nichols: Birth: 05 DEC 1844 in Morton, Scott Co, MS. Death: 10 DEC 1908 in Shady, Polk Co, AR
Lewis Lewis- Nichols: Birth: BEF 1800 in Balden, NC. Death: BEF 1863 in Oucita City, AR
Louise Adelade Burney- Nichols: Birth: 01 AUG 1847. Death: 22 NOV 1862 in Marion Co, SC
Lucy Burney- Nichols: Birth: 25 DEC 1839. Death: 1918
Margaret Nichols: Birth: 16 MAY 1841. Death: 1861 in Hopkins Co, TX
Martha J. Burney- Nichols: Birth: 17 OCT 1844. Death: 05 JAN 1865 in Marion Co, SC
Martha Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 23 MAY 1790 in Bladen Co, NC. Death: 21 MAR 1876 in Robeson Co, NC
Martha Nichols: Birth: ABT 1805 in NC. Death: in r. 1860 Maury Co, TN
Mary "Margie" Williamson- Nichols: Birth: 1800.
Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols: Birth: 1833.
Mary Ann "Polly" Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 15 FEB 1812 in Columbus Co, NC. Death: 24 JUN 1894 in Robeson Co, NC
Mary Burney- Nichols: Birth: 08 SEP 1831 in Marion Co, SC. Death: 01 AUG 1916 in Marion Co, SC
Mary Nichols: Birth: ABT 1818 in (estimate JPace).
McKendree Burney- Nichols: Birth: 22 MAY 1835. Death: 30 AUG 1862 in 2nd Manasses, VA
Nancy Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 1805 in Bladen Co, NC. Death: AFT 1850 in MS
Needham Williamson- Nichols: Birth: 1807.
Obedience "Beedy" Williamson- Nichols: Birth: 1805.
Peninah "Pensy" Lewis- Nichols: Birth: ABT 1788 in Bladen Co, NC. Death: AFT 1850 in Smith Co, MS?
Peter Cottrell- Nichols: Birth: 1778 in Henrico Co, VA.
Rebecca Ann Margaret Williamson- Nichols: Birth: 1822. Death: AFT 1910
Rebecca Burney- Nichols: Birth: 30 OCT 1854. Death: 06 OCT 1890 in Marion Co, SC
Richard Cottrell- Nichols: Birth: 1775 in Henrico Co, VA.
Sallie Nichols: Birth: 21 JAN 1822 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 12 APR 1912 in Robeson Co, NC
Sarah Cottrell- Nichols: Birth: 1772 in Henrico Co, VA.
Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Burney- Nichols: Birth: 14 JUN 1833 in Marion Co, SC. Death: 23 JUN 1871 in Marion Co, SC
Sarah Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 1799.
Susan Williamson- Nichols: Birth: 1825. Death: 1843
uk Nichols: Birth: ABT 1770.
William Gairy Daniel- Nichols: Birth: 30 SEP 1889 in Marion Co, SC. Death: 20 OCT 1952
Zilphia Lewis- Nichols: Birth: 1791 in Bladen Co, NC. Death: BEF 1845 in Columbus Co, NC
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Alexander Nicholson: Birth: ABT 1795 in "of Coosa Co, AL".
Clifford C. Castleberry- Nicholson: Birth: JAN 1896. Death: ABT 1905
Harriet Nicholson: Birth: 06 AUG 1815 in Ernesttowne Twp, Lennox-Addington Co, Ontario.
James Pratt Nicholson: Birth: 29 SEP 1869 in Richland, Stewart Co, GA. Death: 13 DEC 1899 in Longview, TX
John Nicholson: Birth: ABT 1829 in (estimate JPace). Death: in r. Maury Co, TN
Lula Belle Castleberry- Nicholson: Birth: 27 APR 1894 in Roberts Rural, Hunt Co, TX. Death: 26 OCT 1956 in Charleston, SC
Mary M. Nicholson: Birth: ABT 1828 in TN. Death: ABT 1855 in Cardston AlbertaTemple
Nina Castleberry- Nicholson: Birth: 15 JAN 1892 in Cussett, Chattahoochee Co, GA. Death: 19 OCT 1948 in Columbus, GA
Thomas Ferdinand Castleberry- Nicholson: Birth: 16 JUN 1898 in Gladewater, TX. Death: APR 1974 in Meridian, MS
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Elizabeth Nickols: Birth: ABT 1738 in (estimate JAPace) r. Perquimans Co, NC. Death: in r. Perquimans Co, NC
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Harrison Worth Nighswonger: Birth: ABT 1899 in (estimate jp).
Howard Cooper Nihart: Birth: 21 OCT 1905 in Middlebury, Elkart Co, IN. Death: 14 SEP 1994 in bur Escambia Co, AL
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Margaret Nivens: Birth: 03 AUG 1845. Death: 12 DEC 1910
Alexander Nix: Birth: ABT 1820.
Elizabeth Nix: Birth: ABT 1868.
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Annie Lee Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 22 JAN 1868. Death: 26 SEP 1949
Annie T. Morris- Nixon: Birth: 1900.
Blythe Nixon: Birth: ABT 1860.
Charles R. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1865. Death: 1926
Francis M. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: SEP 1850.
James E. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 04 MAR 1853.
Jennie Holt- Nixon: Birth: ABT 1875 in (estimate JPace).
John Crowley Morris- Nixon: Birth: 03 NOV 1893. Death: 1973
John Holt- Nixon: Birth: ABT 1877 in (estimate JPace).
John Nixon: Birth: ABT 1830 in (estimate JPace).
Joseph C. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1870.
Joseph L. Nixon: Birth: 1834.
Mary Jane Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1857.
Mary L. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1851.
Mickey (f) Dandrig- NIXON: Birth: 26 SEP 1806 in Buckingham Co, VA. Death: 29 MAR 1895 in Buckingham Co, VA
Minerva J. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1860.
Nancy Joy “Nannie” NIXON: Birth: 30 SEP 1852 in AL-c. Death: 23 APR 1921
Sara Robertson- Nixon: Birth: JUN 1872. Death: 1903
Sarah S. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1861.
Sarah Susie Morris- Nixon: Birth: 1896.
Uriah Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1865.
William F. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1855.
William W. Robertson- Nixon: Birth: 1855.
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Mary Ellen Noakes: Birth: ABT 1842 in (estimate JPace).
Eliza Noble: Birth: 1798 in Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire, England. Death: 15 AUG 1877 in Romsey, Hampshire, England
Hannah Noble: Birth: BET 1730 AND 1790 in (estimate JPace).
Mr Noble: Birth: ABT 1850 in (estimated JPace).
Rebecca Noble: Birth: ABT 1800.
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