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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Riley uk- Ashley: Birth: ABT 1812 in (estimate JPace) GA?. Death: 01 APR 1852 in Manatee, Hillsborough Co, FL

  2. James? uk- Ashley: Birth: ABT 1813 in (estimate) GA?. Death: BEF 1852 in Madison Co, GA?

  3. Moses uk- Ashley: Birth: 25 MAY 1814 in SC-c. Death: 05 JUN 1883 in Anniston, Calhoun Co, AL

  4. Samuel Shaw uk- Ashley: Birth: 20 AUG 1815 in Abbeville Dist, SC. Death: 28 APR 1897 in r. Hunt Co, TX

  5. Daniel uk- Ashley: Birth: 28 SEP 1820 in SC. Death: 21 APR 1908 in Intercourse, Sumter Co, AL

  6. Ann uk- Ashley: Birth: ABT 1822. Death: in r. 1841 Madison Co, AL

  7. Joseph A. uk- Ashley: Birth: ABT 1823 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.

  8. Marcus? uk- Ashley: Birth: ABT 1829 in (estimate JPace).

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Name:   Wm ASHLEY
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a. Note:   ROBERTSON, John, (] 1. William ASHLEY b. ?,[1] (son of William A. ASHLEY and Agnes "Ann" _____) m. cir 1811,1 Delila (Lila,Della,Delia) _____, b. cir 1794.1 William died cir 1835. A William Ashley was listed on the 1830 Madison Co. GA census. Delila Ashley was listed in 1840. The conjecture is that William was Delila's husband and died between 1830 and 1840 and left her as head of household. It is not proven that William was the son of William A. Ashley and wife Agnes. However, there is significant evidence that he probably was. From emails from Dennis Smith, 1996: "In his will, William Ashley gave his wife a life estate in his small farm so his will wasn't probated until after her death. In 1849 his daughter Sophia Smith filed a petition in partition, asking that the farm be sold and the proceeds be distributed. "A summons in partition was issued, dated 1 Jan 1850, which named the other heirs. Of the other heirs, the following "resided without the state (of SC): Sarah Gantt, Elizabeth Ashley, Anna Harris, Patsy Shaw, Polly Pruitt, and the "widow & children of Wm Ashley, Jr. decd". ... "The general summons (in the partition matter mentioned [previously]) lists all of the heirs of William Ashley, Sr.: "To Sophia Smith, Sarah Gantt, Elizabeth Ashley, Anna Harris & husband Jno. Harris, Patsy Shaw, Jonathan Pruitt, Polly his wife, Lila Ashley & Nancy Ashley, heirs and legatees of William Ashley, Sr. dec'd or diveses - greeting..." "Sophy Smith and Nancy Ashley signed an acceptance of service. The summons to the out-of-state heirs reads: "It appearing to my satisfaction that Sarah Gantt, Eliz Ashley, Anna Harris, Patsy Shaw & Polly Pruitt and the widow & children of Wm. Ashley, Jr. dec'd defendants reside without the state. It is therefore ordered that they do appear and object to the division or sale of the Real Estate of Wm Ashley Jr. dec'd on or before the 1st of Jany 1850 or their consent to the same will be entered of record. "Two of the heirs signed acceptance of service. All of the others are named in the out of state summons except ** Lila Ashley **. Her name is replaced with "widow &children of Wm Ashley, Jr. dec'd" "I believe that between the times of the two summons, it was determined or believed that Lila Ashley had remarried but her new husband's surname was unknown to either Sophy or Elizabeth. It was also determined that Wm Jr. had children (or grandchildren) both older and younger than 21 yrs. If they were all over 21 then a remarried widow would have had no part in the estate. She must have been mentioned due to her position as guardian of one or more minor children/grandchildren. "In the 1820 Abbeville District, SC census there was a William Ashley, Sr family [1 male 45+ and 1 female 45+] and a William Ashley Jr. family [5 males 0-10, 1 male 18-28, 1 female 0-10 and 1 female 16-26]. This William Jr. would have been born between 1792 and 1802 which fits your scenario." ... "I think the "Lila" Ashley mentioned in the summons could be a real clue." Delila: The following marriages are recorded for Henry Co. GA, likely for this Delila & her sons. Delila Ashley......Leon Smith......... .Nov 09, 1846....Henry Co, GA Joseph A. Ashley...Susan Whitley....Oct 08, 1844.... " ", GA Daniel S. Ashley...Olleof Wilkins...... Jun 10, 1845..... " ", GA ==================== Wm. R. Ashley's will provides Della and her husband with a place to live (which they cannot sell or lease) and an annual allowance of food products, but no cash. =================== The following will is likely for this Delila. Her son Daniel lived in Sumter Co. AL. Sumter County, Alabama Will Book 1 (1828-1855): Delila Smith page 217 Children: 2. i William Riley. ASHLEY b. cir 1812, d. 1 Apr 1852, Manatee(Hillsborough)FL.1 This birthdate is a guess, assuming that he was an older brother to Moses. ===================== It has been suggested by Dennis Smith that William may have been shown as a head-of-household in Abbeville District SC 1840, that two of his brothers were living with him at the time, and that they were serving as overseers for a lone female owning 20 slaves on nearby property. This has some interest in that his widowed mother would have been some 35-40 miles away in Madison Co. GA, and it is puzzling that her unmarried sons would have left her, without support, with a number of small children in the home. The whereabouts of those sons is otherwise unaccounted for. ==================== William was shown on a list on those voting at a given polling place in Greene Co. AL in 1846. ================== William is shown as a slave-owner in Hillsborough Co. FL in 1850. =================== His will is listed in Greene Co. AL will book C,p.308. The will, shown as having been written in Hillsborough Co. FL, reads: "I William R. Ashley of the State of Alabama and of Greene County being weak, but of sound mind memory and understanding do make and ordain this my last will and testament in words following to wit First. I resign my body to the dust and my soul to God who gave it. Second. It is my will that all my just debts shall be paid out of any money remaining on hand as first received after my death. Third. It is my will that all my negroes be sold after my death not be separated but sold in one body at public auction and and that all my other personal property be sold also at public aution and that the proceeds of the sales of all my negroes and other personal property together with such money as may remain on hand after the payment of my just debts be all loaned out at lawful interest. The notes to be renewed annually and continue thus to be loaded until Joseph Ashley son of my brother Moses Ashley of Greene County and State of Alabama becomes of lawful age. Fourth. I give and bequeath unto James Ashley son of Sarah Ashley of Madison County and State of Georgia my patent Lever silver watch now in the hands of said Sarah Ashley to be appraised and to stand as a part of his legacy. Fifth. I will and bequeath unto my brother Samuel S. Ashley of Benton County and State of Alabama forty acres of land it being the South half of a tract of Eighty acres of land which I own in the County of Talladega and State of Alabama to be his in fee simple on and after the first day of January A D 1853 and forever. Sixth. It is my will that the north half of said Eighty acres of land aforesaid shall be for the sole use and benefit of my mother Della Smith and her husband Sion Smith so as they or either of them shall reside on or cultivate the same or any part thereof. Provided that they nor neither of them shall have the right or privilege to rent or lease the same or any part thereof to another. But whenever they vacate said land by death or removal then said land shall be the property of the aforesaid Samuel S. Ashley. I furthermore bequeath unto the aforesaid Delila Smith and Sion Smith during their natural life three hundred pounds of fresh pork per annum, and one hundred pounds of sugar and fifty pounds of coffee but in case of the death of either I bequeath unto the survivor half of the above amount of Pork, sugar and coffee during life. Seventh. I will and bequeath all my property excepting such as is above specified and disposed of including the moneys loaned as first above directed together with its accumulated interest unto James Ashley and George Wesley (sons of Sarah Ashley) and unto Mark Ashley (son of Tabitha Ashley) and unto Joseph Ashley son of Moses Ashley share and share alike to be theirs from the time that the aforenamed Joseph Ashley becomes of lawful age and to be theirs forever. As witness of this my last will & testament I have hereunto subscribed my name & affixed my seal at Manatee in the county & state first above written in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & fifty two Wm R Ashley (LS) Signed & sealed in presence of F Branch, Wm. Cunningham Franklin A. Branch [In the probate of the will, it is stated that William R. Ashley died at F. Branch's house on or about 1st day of April 1852] + 3. ii _____ ASHLEY b. cir 1813. + 4. iii Moses ASHLEY b. 25 May 1814. + 5. iv Samuel Shaw ASHLEY b. 20 Aug 1815. + 6. v Daniel ASHLEY b. 28 Sep 1820. 7. vi Ann ASHLEY b. c. 1822, m. 4 Apr 1841, in Madison Co. AL, John CRISWELL. This Ann, married in Madison Co. GA in 1841, is almost certainly a daughter of Wm./Delila, and one of the 3 females shown on the 1830 census as born 1820-1825. John: Name also shown as Creswell. 8. vii Joseph A. ASHLEY b. cir 1824, m. 8 Oct 1844, in Henry Co. GA, Susan WHITLEY. This Joseph, shown as married in Henry Co. GA in 1844, is almost certainly the son of Wm./Delila. Other marriages shown in this time/place were those of Daniel and Delila's remarriage to Sion ("Leon") Smith. + 9. viii _____ ASHLEY b. cir 1829. Second Generation 3. _____ ASHLEY (1.William1) b. cir 1813, m. cir 1835, in Madison Co. GA, Sarah _____, b. cir 1814.1 This is a presumed deceased Ashley who could have been the husband of Sarah Ashley to explain her having sons named Ashley. It also fills the empty years of Delia's childbearing years. Birth date a guess based on Sarah's son's age. This dating adds weight to Sarah being a (former?) wife to William rather than to a deceased brother. Sarah: Sarah is mentioned in Wm. R. Ashley's will as living in Madison Co. GA in 1852. Her relationship is not given. Guessed to be the widow of a deceased brother. She could have been Wm.'s estranged or divorced wife, except that her sons are identified as "her" sons and not his. Their marriage in Madison Co. GA is also a guess. Sarah is believed to have married Matthew Higganbotham, 4 May 1836, Madison Co. GA. Children: 10. i James ASHLEY b. cir 1835.1 He may have been the James living with Delia and Sion Smith in 1850. He inherited Wm. R.'s silver watch in addition to sharing the cash proceeds with his cousins. He would have been 26 when Amanda B. was born. He could well have been involved in the Civil War. 11. ii George Wesley ASHLEY b. ?.1 He is mentioned in Wm.R.'s will as and heir and a son of Sarah. He does not appear in a known census, but is listed after his brother James and is presumed younger. He is a possibility as a father for Amanda B. He may have remained in Madison Co. GA. He was probably involved in the Civil War. =========== 4 Moses ASHLEY (1.William1) b. 25 May 1814, SC,[2] m. (1) 16 Dec 1833, in Madison Co. GA,[3] Pamela MITCHEL, b. ?,3 m. (2) 18 Apr 1847, in Benton Co. AL, Nancy A. NEWLEY, b. cir 1822, m. (3) 13 Jan 1853, in Greene Co. AL,[4] Nancy LAY, b. 1822,1 m. (4) aft 1862, Annie R. ____, b. cir 1839, SC,[5] d. 29 Jul 1908, Anniston(Calhoun)AL, buried: Hillside Cmty,Anniston(Calhoun)AL?. Moses died 5 Jun 1883, Anniston(Calhoun)AL,2 buried: Hillside Cmty,Anniston(Calhoun)AL.[6] His age shown on 1850 Green Co. census agrees with birthdate shown in John T. Robertson's memo book. Wm. R.'s will again mentions him as a resident of Greene Co. in 1852. He would have been 47 when Amanda B. was born. Nancy is believed to be Moses second wife, per comment in MOS51. Tuscaloosa Co. marriages show a wedding in the home of a Moses Ashley in July 1876. A Moses Ashley is listed as a member of Grants Creek Church from 1877 to 1880 when he moved his membership. An Ann R. Ashley is shown as a member a year earlier, but moved her membership the same year Moses did. When Moses died in 1883, he was buried on property later belonging to John T. Robertson at Anniston. A memorial stone to Annie R. Ashley (d. 19 Jul 1908) is next to his grave (not necessarily her burial place). The stone in memory of her at Hillside Cmty. in Annistoon was a noticeably larger one than that for Moses who had died some 25 years earlier. Both stones are relatively modern. Moses stone has the word "Father" carved in the top surface. Mandy Becky's youngest daughter, born in 1903 (20 years after the death of Moses and 5 years before Annie's and Amanda's deaths in 1908), was named Ann Moses Robertson. Moses remains the most likely candidate to be her father. If that is true, it is most likely that her mother was Nancy Lay. It is even more probable that, regardless of relationship, Moses and Annie R. Ashley were the only parent figures that Amanda ever knew. Another individual who may have a part to play is William Henry Wood, who was John T. Robertson's witness at his marriage, who is buried head-to- foot with John T. at Grant's Creek, and whose wife Margaret was a year younger than Amanda B. (a sister?) It now seems likely that the Rachel M. Ashley who married Samuel H. Ashley in Moses' Tuscaloosa home on 26 July 1876 was his daughter. Samuel H. was her cousin, very possibly her first cousin. Ann R. Ashley and Amanda Ashley were both shown as new members of Grants Creek Church in 1876. Moses and Ann R. left in 1880, and Rebecca M. left in 1881, all "moving their letter". When Moses died in 1883, he was buried on property, later belonging to John T. Robertson on the western outskirts of Anniston AL. He was reburied in the Will Robertson plot in Hillside Cemetary. A memorial stone was also placed there for Ann R. Ashley. It is not clear that her remains were involved in either location. An additional Ashley still lived in Tuscaloosa around 1930: M.D. Ashley, 3409 5th St., phone 1373. He is almost certainly the son of Samuel and Rebecca. Pamela: Believed to be Moses' first wife. Nancy: This Nancy is believed to be the Nancy shown as age 28 in the 1850 Greene Co. AL census in the household of Moses Ashley. Nancy: Mrs. Marie Bruce, 800 4th St SW, Appt. N118, Washington, DC, a descendent. This is belived to be the Nancy LAY shown as 18 years old in the 1850 census in the household of Richard Lay. Annie: Date of birth based on 1880 Calhoun Co. census. Maiden surname is given as Leigh but Lay is also a possibility. She is said to have named her son Robert Perrin "after her people", so Perrin is also a possible maiden name. She is believed to have married a number of times, but that to Moses must have been her first. The only other marriage known to date is that to J.C. Ross a year after Moses death. Children by Nancy A. NEWLEY: 12. i Joseph B. ASHLEY b. 1848.1 Joseph is shown in the 1850 Green Co. census in Moses' household. Named as Moses' son and an heir in William R. Ashley's will. Children by Nancy LAY: 13. ii Sarah Ann ASHLEY b. 1854, Greene(AL), m. 1870, in Greene Co. AL, William D. Holcomb. Shown in 1860 Greene Co. census. It is likely that this is the Sarah who married Wm. Holcomb, 1870, Greene Co. AL, but this is not definitely known. 14. iii Rebecca M. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Jan 1859, AL,[7] m. 26 Jul 1876, in Tuscaloosa Co. AL,[8] Samuel H. ASHLEY, b. cir 15 Jun 1854, AL,7 (son of Daniel ASHLEY and Olleof (Ollie) WATKINS) d. 1940, Bay Springs MS, buried: Taylorsville MS. Rebecca buried: Taylorsville MS. A Rebecca M. Ashley? married a Samuel Ashley in Moses Ashley's Tuscaloosa County home on 26 July 1876. John T. Robertson's memo book (early 1930s) had an address for Sam Ashley, Soso MS (Sam and Rebecca are buried near Soso). Sam's father was not Moses. Census data makes it appear that Rebecca M. is the daughter of Moses. Samuel: Only his birth month is known. Family lore is that Samuel and Rebecca were first cousins. Until better evidence is found, the *supposition* is made that Rebecca was the daughter of Moses Ashley and Nancy and that Samuel's father Daniel was his brother. It is apparent that these families are very closely related. This supposition raises the question: if Daniel were the brother of Moses (s. of Wm.), why was he omitted from the 1852 will of William R. (s. of William)? John T. Robertson's circa 1930 memo book had an address for a Sam Ashley in Soso MS. Ashleys still live in that area in 1996. This is almost certainly Samuel S. At this point, the *supposition* is that Rebecca M. and Mandy Becky were daughters of Moses and Nancy, meaning that (if true) that Samuel S. Ashley of Soso MS was her first cousin as well as her brother-in-law. 15. iv Mandy Becky ASHLEY b. 4 Jul 1861, AL, m. 7 Mar 1878, John Thomas ROBERTSON, b. 8 Aug 1855,5 (son of Israel Terrell ROBERTSON and Rachel Francis OLIVER) d. 16 Jun 1934,5 buried: Grant's Creek Cmty(Tuscaloosa)AL. Mandy died 16 Dec 1908, buried: Grant's Creek Cmty(Tuscaloosa)AL. Moses was buried on land later owned by her husband. Her oldest son relocated Moses remains and erected a gravestone saying "Father". Her youngest daughter was named Ann Moses. Moses is almost certainly her father. John: Farmed in Calhoun County, Alabama. His son, Joe Terrell Robertson, Sr., spoke of living in an area know as "Shady Glen". A letter two years before his death was postmarked Eastaboga, Alabama. It spoke of trying to help JDR get in a crop, so possibly was living with JDR on land later taken by govt for Fort McClellan. DOB & DOD from family Bible. Was first buried near Anniston, then exhumed and buried at Grant's Creek, Tuscaloosa Co. AL. JTR,Sr. escorted casket on train. 16. v Margaret ASHLEY? b. 1862, m. William H. WOOD. This is pure supposition to point out that William Henry Wood's wife might well have been Mandy Becky.'s sister. Mandy and Margaret are buried head-to-foot in Grants Creek Cemetary. Mississippi Ashley's recall a Margaret Ashley, an invalid, who lived in Tuscaloosa. William: W.H. Wood was witness to marriage documents for John T. Robertson and Mandy Becky Ashley. Children by Annie R. ____: 17. vi La Dove ASHLEY b. 25 Jan 1865, Greene(AL),[9] m. 2 Feb 1884,9 Nancy Virginia KIRBY, b. 8 Nov 1865, Calhoun Co. AL,9 (daughter of Joseph Luther KIRBY and Nancy Malinda TAYLOR) d. 1 Apr 1939, San Angelo(Tom Greene)TX,9 buried: Indian Gap(Hamilton)TX.9 La Dove died 28 Jul 1920, Goldthwaite(Mill)TX,9 buried: Indian Gap(Hamilton)TX.9 18. vii Moses ASHLEY b. cir 1868. 19. viii Robert Perrin ASHLEY b. 31 Dec 1869, Greene Co. AL,[10] m. 1890,10 Alice Ann Elizabeth ASHLEY, b. 8 Jun 1877, TX,10 (daughter of James ASHLEY and Minerva BARFIELD) d. 31 Oct 1957, Pharr(Hidalgo)TX.10 Robert died 19 May 1946, Pharr(Hidalgo)TX.10 20. ix Thomas? ASHLEY b. ?. A son Thomas is included for Moses and Ann R. in recognition of a persistent tradition among the descendents of LaDove and Robert Perrin Ashley that there was an "Uncle Tom" who is remembered as having children Guy, Dove and Ruby. There well may have been such an uncle, but there is also the possibility that LaDove also was known as Thomas, either as a second name or as an adopted name. Thomas' son Guy was remembered as living in Pampas TX. Thomas appears on no census with Annie R. ===== 5. Samuel Shaw ASHLEY (1.William1) b. 20 Aug 1815, Abbeville District SC,[11] m. 11 Jan 1838, in Madison Co. GA,11 Mary Jane CRISWELL, b. 25 Dec 1820, Abbeville District SC,11 (daughter of _____ CRISWELL and Hannah _____) d. 3 Mar 1904, Greenville(Hunt)TX.11 Samuel died 28 Apr 1897,11 buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.11 Sources: 1. Marriage Records of Georgia (Madison Co.) 1700-1850. Samuel and Jane. 2. 1840 Madison Co. GA census, 044 Mill District 3. 1850 Talladega Co. AL census, pg. 742, #1668/-1713 4. 1860 Talladega Co. AL census, Northern Div., pg. 741, #845/1, pg.471,#1668/1713 5. 1880 Talladega Co. AL census, pg. 741b, #845- Northern District [JR: Shown living next door to Tabitha Ashley (who lived next door to Delia Smith) in the 1850 Talladega Co. AL census. Specified in Wm. R.'s will as his brother, and mentioned as a resident of Benton Co. AL.] [JR: Date of death also given as 1891] Kaufman Sun., October 08, 1897 (Forney Tribune) "Sunday afternoon a dog supposed to be mad entered the residence of Mr. S.S. Ashley, about nine miles south of town, and scared everbody off of the place. From there he went to the home of Mr. Ashley's son and did likewise. After his call there he continued on his way and the next house he entered was that of Mr. John Roberts, where he met his death. He crawled under the bed where Mr. Roberts shot him four times." [JR: He would have been 46 when Manda Becky Ashley was born.] Mary: [JR: Named in Madison Co. GA marriage records as marrying Samuel Ashley in Jan 1839. Was married in January. In 1840 Madison Co. census, a Samuel shown as age 20-30 (b. 1810-1820) was shown with wife age 30-40 (b. 1800-1810) with no children.] [JR: Name also given as Mary Jane Harrison] Sources: 1. 1860 Talledega Co. AL census 2. Handwritten genealogy of the Golden Related Families by Rosa Presley Gray Francis states that Mary Jane and Tyre Harrison could have been brother and sister. If not, they were closely related. She could have been a sister of John L. Harrison. Children: 21. i Moses Samuel McDuffie "Cap" ASHLEY b. 4 Aug 1840,11 m. (1) 9 Sep 1865, in Talladega Co. AL,11 Louisa CRISWELL, b. 20 Apr 1846, Henry Co. GA,[12] (daughter of Joseph McDuffy CRISWELL and Neomi "Omy" TOWSON) d. 17 Jan 1874,12 m. (2) 8 Feb 1874, in Calhoun Co. AL,[13] Sarah Adeline CRISWELL, b. 22 Sep 1848, Henry Co. GA,13 (daughter of Joseph McDuffy CRISWELL and Neomi "Omy" TOWSON) d. 5 Jan 1882,13 m. (3) Oct 1882, in Calhoun Co. AL,[14] Mary Elizabeth MOORE, b. 25 Oct 1845, AL,14 d. 24 May 1930, Calhoun Co. AL.14 Moses died 4 Jan 1913,11 buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.11 [JR: He was not listed as an heir in William R. Ashley's will, but his father was. He is shown in Samuel's household in Talladega county in 1850. He would have been 20 when Mandy Becky Ashley was born. He is likely to have been involved in the Civil War.] Sources: 1. 1850 Talladega Co. AL Census, pg 472, #1668/1713, shows born in GA. 2. 1870 Calhoun Co. AL Census for Oxford Township 16, pg. 562. He is listed as a "miller" living with Matilda? Brownlee, age 54, born in SC, and her children Hugh P., Enoch, and Elizabeth. 3. 1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census, pg. 716, Oxford Beat 13, #315/352, shows he was born 1835 in GA. His parents were both born in SC. He had wife Sarah, children: Joseph, Naomie, Mary, Nancy, Samuel and Sarah. 4. 1900 Kaufman Co. TX Census, Forney town. Neither of them knew just how long they had been married. The third from the youngest child was age 14. There was, living near Moses, a Joseph Ashley, born Jan 1868 AL with wife Julia, born Oct. 1871 AL and daughter Dessie M., born Dec. 1891 AL. They had been married 10 years, had 5 children, 1 living. 5. 1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. 1, M.S. and Mary E. state they have been married 26 years. She bore 3 children, 2 living. Also living in Moses' household were his siblings: R.H.D. Ashley, age 64 and Mary T., age 62. 6. Johnnie Criswell Turpen, 1998. 7. Bible records (not known who owns the Bible involved). 8. Anniston (Calhoun) AL Marriage Records: M.S.McD. Ashley to Sarah A. Criswell. Book. B-3, pg. 76. Marriage records indicate they were applied for in Talladega Co. AL on 4 Sep 1865 and married on 7 Sep 1865 . Louisa: It is believed that, after her death, her husband married her sister Adline. Sarah: Source: Calhoun Co. AL Marriage Records Mary: Sources: 1. 1910 Hunt Co. TX Census shows that she had only been married one time, that she had 3 children, all living. Her father was born in TN and her mother in SC. 2. Confederate pension application for Hunt Co. TX rejected. States "Mrs. M. E. Ashley b. Calhoun Co. Alabama Oct. 1845, age 83 years. (1929). Married Oct 1882 Calhoun Co., Alabama to Moses Samuel McDuffey Ashley, who died January 05, 1913, Hunt County, Texas. He served as a Private in Alabama for about three years. He enlisted at Oxford, Alabama." 3. "Golden, Related Families", by Rosa Presley Gray Francis. This work was all handwritten and apparently never published. The work does not include documented proof of her data. Info sent to Linda Harwell by Sonja Randall of Cleburne Co. Alabama, 1999. States that Mary Elizabeth Moore was a sister of Martha Moore who married James P. Harrison, son of James Madison Harrison, Rebecca Moore, wife of John L. Harrison, his second wife, and she was a sister of Martha and Mary Elizabeth and their brother Davie Moore (part of the Golden and Sparks family). 22. ii William "Billie" F. ASHLEY b. 5 Mar 1845, GA,11 d. 5 Apr 1928.11 [JR: Not listed as an heir in William R. Ashley's will (his father was). He is shown in Samuel's household in Talladega county in 1850. He would have been 18 when Mandy Becky was born. He is likely to have been involved in the Civil War.] Never married. Source: 1850 Talladega AL census 13 Dec 1850, pg. 472 shows born 1843 in GA 23. iii Mary Taylor ASHLEY b. 15 May 1847, GA,11 d. 30 Jul 1929.11 [JR: Shown on the 1850 Talladega Co. AL census as Taylor.] Source: 1910 Hunt Co. TX census, Prec. 1, living with Moses Samuel Shaw. Whenever Aunt Taylor Ashley was asked why she never married, she said "The ones I could get, I wouldn't have and the ones I wanted wouldn't have me." 24. iv V____ ASHLEY b. cir 1857, GA.11 6. Daniel ASHLEY (1.William1) b. 28 Sep 1820, SC,7 m. (1) 10 Jun 1845, in Henry Co. GA,7 Olleof (Ollie) WATKINS, b. 5 Sep 1818, Clarke Co. GA,7 d. 29 Apr 1891, Intercourse(Sumter)AL,7 buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty,7 m. (2) 18 Jan 1898, in Sumter Co. AL,7 Ann Eliza McALPINE, b. cir 15 Mar 1836.7 Daniel died 21 Apr 1908, Intercourse(Sumter)AL,7 buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.7 Census 1900 #146 Earbees, Sumter Co. AL. Showing Daniel as a son of William is conjecture based upon: (1) Amanda M. Ashley is shown by census data to be child of Moses Ashley (s. of William); (2) Amanda M. married Samuel H. Ashley in Moses' Tuscaloosa Co. AL home in 1876; (3) Samuel H. is known to be son of Daniel; (4) Persistent family tradition is that Amanda M. and Samuel H. were first cousins. Olleof: Census 1850 #1657 Talladega(Talladega)AL. Died after 15 months of suffering from La Grippe. Member of M.E. Church for 49 years. Ann: Month but not date of birth is known. Census: 1900 #146 Earbees(Sumter)AL. Children by Olleof (Ollie) WATKINS: 25. i Emily Permilla ASHLEY b. 6 Apr 1846, Sumter Co. AL,7 m. 22 Nov 1872, in Sumter Co. AL,7 J. Albert OWENS, b. 1851, AL.7 Emily died 5 Oct 1873, Sumter Co. AL,7 buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.7 Census: 1850 #1657 Talladega(Talladega)AL. j Census: 1860 #79 Intercourse(Sumter)AL 26. ii William Riley ASHLEY b. 4 Dec 1847, GA,7 m. 26 Jun 1873, in Sumter Co. A is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.