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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry Renshaw: Birth: ABT 1811 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Death: BEF 7 JUN 1880 in if correct person in Cypress Hills lot 136, section 3

  2. ?Mary Renshaw: Birth: ABT 13 OCT 1817. Death: BEF 1845

  3. Emma Renshaw: Birth: BEF 1824. Death: UNKNOWN in London, England

  4. John Renshaw: Birth: BEF 1824. Death: UNKNOWN

  5. GEORGE (1824) RENSHAW: Birth: ABT 11 APR 1824 in Birmingham, Warwick Co., England. Death: 12 JAN 1899 in @@74y9m1d - 888 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

1. Source:   George Renshaw's death record
2. Source:   age 54 in 1841 British census
3. Source:   Renshaw Genealogy chart
4. Source:   Richard N. Renshaw ltr: Will dated Dec. 30, 1844, but not w/wife to US in 1848; 1846 listed in Renshaw genealogy chart
5. Source:   (1) IGI batch M010661 source 0883947? (2) HWN records?

a. Note:   FHL 0096743 Lichfield court district wills - 1845 O-R Lich {Lichfield} 12th February 1845 Test? Saml Renshaw poe? Handsworth 3 Ex C. Inf 1,000 {Pounds?} {estate worth less than 1000 pounds?}
  WILL. In the Bishops Court of Lichfield In the Goods of Samuel Renshaw Deceased. Appeared Personally Rebecca Renshaw of Handsowrth in the County of Stafford Widow, Joseph Best of Saint Pauls Square Birmingham in the County of Warwick, Artificial Limb Manufacturer and John Bragg of Northwood Street in Birmingham aforesaid Jeweller the Executors named in the last Will and Testament of the said Samuel Renshaw late of the Parish of Handworth in the County of Stafford, Plater, Deceased; who died on or about the Twentieth day of January One Thousand Eight Huyndred and Forty five and made Oath, that the Estate and Effects of the said Deceased, for, or in respect of which, a probat of the said Will and one Codicil is to be granted, exclusive of what the said Deceased may have been possessed of, or entitled to, as a Trustee for any other person or persons, and not beneficially but including the Leashold Estate or Estates of Years of the Deceased, if any, whether absolute or determinable on Lives, and without deducting any thing on account of the Debts, due and owing from the said Deceased, are under the value of One thousand Pounds, to the best of these Deponent's knowledge, information and belief
  Sworn on the Sixth day of February 1845 before me, Rann? Kennedy, Commissioner {signed} Rebecca Renshaw, Joseph Best, John Bragg
  JAMES THOMAS LAW, Clerk, Master of Arts, Vicar General of the Right Reverend Father in GOD, JOHN, by Divine permission, Bishop of LICHFIELD, TO Rann? Kennedy and Clerks, jointly, and severally Sendeth Greeting: WHEREAS it has been alledged, before US that Samuel Renshaw late of the Parish of Handsworth in the County of Stafford and Diocese of Lichfield, Plater, deceased, duly made and executed, his last Will and Testament with one Codicil in writing and therein named Rebecca Renshaw Widow, Joseph Best and John Bragg Executors - thereof; We therefore by these presents, Commit and Grant to you jointly and severally, full power and authority to administer the Oath under written to the said Executors and also to Swear the Persons whose names are Subscribed to the Affidavit annexed to the truth thereof, and the said Oath being administered, you are to certify the same to US or our said Surrogate, and subscribe your Name thereto, together with these presents, within three Months from the date hereof. Provided nevertheless that this Commission shall be of no effect, unless so certified and transmitted to US within that time. Dated at LICHFIELD, the fourth day of February in the Year of our Lord, 1845. ... {proctor and registrar? signatures}
  THE OATH YOUR Oath is that the writing, now shewed unto you, contains the true last Will and Testament and one Codicil of Samuel Renshaw, deceased, so far as you know and believe; that you are the Executors named therein, and will faithfully perform that Office, by paying his Just Debts, and Legacies therein bequeathed so far as his Personal Estate will Extend, and the Law require from you; That you will make a true and perfect Inventory thereof, and Exhibit the same into the Registry of the Bishop's Consistory Court of Lichfield, and also a just account of your Executorship when you are thereunto lawfully required, and that the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased without deducting any debts owing by the said deceased therefrom, do not amount in value to the Sum of One thousand Pounds, and that the Contents of the Affidavit hereto annexed to which you have subscribed your names were and are true.
  QRT, When he died? ANS. 20th Jany 1845 So help you God.
  On the Sixth day of February 1845 this Commision was duly executed and the said Rebecca Renshaw, Widow, Joseph Best and John Bragg were duly sworn according to the above oath before me Rann? Kennedy Commissioner. ext @@ 12 Feby 1845 WILL PAPER (To be used after the Thirty-first of December, 1837.) I, Samuel Renshaw, of Hampstead Row, in the parish of Handsworth, in the County of Stafford, Plater, being of sound mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following viz. After all my just debts, funeral expences, and charges of proving and executing this my last Will & Testament, be fully paid and satisfied, I give, devise and bequeath, all my Household Furniture, Plate, Lines, China, wearing apparel, Books, Ready Money, Book Debts and all and singular my real and personal Estates, and Effects, whatsoever or wheresoever, together with all Interest that may be due, or owing to me, at the time of my decease, and all and every sum of Money which may become due to me whether in reversion, remainder, or expectancy, to my Executrix and Executors, hereinafter named and appointed, in Trust for the following purposes; Firstly, I will and desire, that all moneys arising out of my Estate be, as soon as practicable, placed out at Interest, on good and sufficient security, and the interest arising therefrom shall be paid, as soon as possible after it is received, to my beloved wife, Rebecca Renshaw, to be applied to her sole use and benefit. I also will and desire that my said wife may have the use of all, or any part of my Household Furniture ?- Hereinbefore enumerated, during the term of her natural life. Secondly I will and desire that on the decease of my beloved wife, and after payment of her just debts, and funeral expences, that my surviving Executors, or either of them, shall, without unnecessary delay convert all my property, whatsoever, and wheresoever into money, to be then and there equally divided, share and share alike among my dear children, viz, Emma, Henry, John, and George; in case of the decease of any of my children, his or her share shall be equally divided among his or her children, but if there be no issue, then his or her share shall be equally divided among my surviving children. Thirdly, I hereby declare that the receipt or Receipts of my Executrix, and Executors, or Administrators shall be a good and sufficient discharge, ? good and sufficient discharges in respect of the Trusts of this my Will; and further that my said Executrix or Executors, Trustees, or Administrators shall not be answerable or accountable for any loss that may arise to my property, or any part thereof unless the same happen by or through her, his or their willful neglect or default and I direct that my said Executrix and Executors, Trustees, or Administrators shall reimburse & pay herself, himself and themselves all costs, charges, - damages and expences which they, or any of them shall pay sustain or be put unto in the execution of the Trusts of this my Will. And lastly, I hereby consitute and appoint my beloved Wife the said Rebecca Renshaw, Executrix, and my Friends Joseph Best of St. Paul's Square, Artificial Limb Manufacturer, and John Bragg of North Wood Street, Jeweller, Executors of this my Will, hereby revoking all other wills by me at any time heretofore made and declaring this to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof, I the said Testator, Samuel Renshaw, have this last will & Testament, set my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of December One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Four.
  Signed, sealed, and delivered by the said Testator Samuel Renshaw as and for his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who at his request, in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto. {signature} Samuel Renshaw
  Thomas Bragg, Goldsmith; Hampstead Row. Handsworth. Staffordshire. Samuel Jay? Clerk No. 19 Balsall St. Birmingham. Warwickshire
  Memorandum. I, Samuel Renshaw, the aforesaid Testator, in order to prevent mistake, and to do justice among all my children, do declare that my son Henry owes the sum of One Hundred & Fifty Pounds to me, and the further sum of Forty Pounds to my daughter Emma, for which, I make my Estate liable. I desire therefore that from and after my decease, if the above amounts of 150 {Pound symbol}, and 40 {Pound symbol} be not paid of which my receipt shall alone be taken as evidence of the same, that my Executrix and Executors shall demand & receive? the common sate? of Interest of Five per cent, for the same, or for any part of the same remaining in my son Henry's hands; And further, that on the decease of my beloved wife Rebecca, the above sums of one Hundred and Fifty Pounds & Forty Pounds, or any portion thereof, together with all Interest that may be due on the same, shall be taken & considered by my aforesaid Executor, or Administrator, as a part of the share or shares to which by my last Will and Testament, my said son Henry may be entitled. In witness whereof, I have to this Memorandum set my hands this Thirtieth day of December One thousand eight hundred and forty four. {signature} Samuel Renshaw Witnesses to the signature,} Thomas Bragg, Samuel Jay?
  4th February 1845 On which day Ch??? exhibited as Proctor made himself party for Rebecca Renshaw Widow, Joseph Best and John Bragg and alleged that Samuel Renshaw late of the Parish of Handworth in the County of Stafford and Diocese of Lichfield Plater deceased duly made and executed his last Will and Testament in writing and thereof appointed Rebecca Renshaw Widow, Joseph Best and John Bragg Executors. Wherefore hefrayed?? Probate of the said Will with one Codicil to be committed and granted to his said party and also a Commission to issue for administering to them the usual Oath of Executors directed to Rann? Kennedy and Clerks jointly and severally.
  Set? Commission and Probate pass as prayed H? is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.