Individual Page

1. Title:   Randa Hirst
Name:   <>
Givenname:   <>
RepositoryId:   R441
Note continued:   Source Medium: Electronic
2. Title:   1901 census
Publication:   Name: Name: Name: Name: Canada;;;;
Note continued:   Source Medium: Census Taken: March 31, 1901. (Age Last Birthday)
3. Title:   IGI LDS website
Note continued:   Source Medium: Electronic
4. Title:   Grave Marker Gallery, Whitelake Cemetery, North Section
5. Title:   1901 Census of Canada
Page:   Database online.
Publication:   Name: Name: Name: The Generations Network, Inc.;;;
RepositoryId:   R476
Note continued:   Library and Archives Canada, Census of Canada, 1901, Ottawa, Canada: Library and Archives Canada
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