Olive Lafilia /Vardy/
B: 02 JUL 1892
P: Monteagle Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada
D: 07 MAY 1970
P: Red Cross Hospital, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

 Job Lingham /Vardy/
B: 14 OCT 1853
P: Hungerford Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Ca...
M: 24 DEC 1879
P: Tweed, Hungerford Twp, Hastings Co, Ontari...
D: 04 SEP 1925
P: Monteagle Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada

 Lydia Maria /Way/
B: 24 JAN 1862
P: 1654331, Ontario, Canada
D: 06 APR 1937
P: 1654307, Ontario, Canada

 Archibald Daniel /Vardy/
B: 03 SEP 1833
M: 25 MAR 1853
P: Victoria District by Rev. John F. Wilson, ...
D: 20 MAR 1911

 Sarahann Marie /Switzer/
B: 07 DEC 1832
D: 1932

 Samuel Allen /Way/
B: 15 DEC 1822
P: Prince Edward Co., Upper Canada
M: 10 JUN 1845
P: Victoria District by Rev. Henry Lane, Wit....
D: 30 MAR 1917
P: Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada

 Matilda Lucinda /Provost/
B: BEF 1831
P: Upper Canada
D: 06 MAR 1890
P: Dungannon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada

 Daniel David /Vardy/
B: ABT 1807
P: Murray Twp., Northumberland Co., Upper canada
M: BEF 1830
P: Ontario, Canada
D: 1871
P: Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada
 Mary Ann /Yeomans/
B: 01 AUG 1814
P: Denbigh, Lennox and Addington Cty, Ontario...
D: 1861
P: Ontario, Canada
 Peter Guier /Switzer/
B: 1786
D: 1864
 Lavina Elizabeth (Mary) /Card/
B: ABT 1790
P: Camden East Twp., Lennox & Addington Co., ...
 Daniel Frederick /Way/
B: 05 OCT 1806
P: Sophiasburgh Twp, Prince Edward Co, Ontari...
M: 1820
P: Ontario, Canada
D: 04 JUL 1879
P: Picton, Hallowell Township, Prince Edward ...
 Catherine /Fox/
B: 01 OCT 1807
P: Sophiasburg, Prince Edward County,Ontario,...
D: 1883
P: Fredericksburgh, Prince Edward, Ontario, C...
 Joseph Guillaume /Provost/
B: ABT 1793
P: Hallowell Twp, Prince Edward County, Ontar...
M: 1815
P: Fredericksburg, Lennox County, Ontario, Can
P: 1654307, Ontario, Canada
 Elisabeth /Loucks/
B: 02 NOV 1794
P: N. Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox and Adding...
D: 1871
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