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Anna Elizabeth 'Annaetje' Quackenbush: Birth: 01 DEC 1750 in Tappan, Rockland, NEW YORK. Death: in of Fredericksburg Township, Lennox and Addington, Ontario
Anna Maria Lewis Quackenbush: Birth: 1842. Death: UNKNOWN
Catherine Sarah Quackenbush: Birth: 1837 in Upper Canada.
Edley Alexander Quackenbush: Birth: ABT 1868 in Deseronto, Tyendinaga Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 07 JAN 1896 in Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario, Canada
Edna Quackenbush: Birth: 28 JUL 1900. Death: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth A. Jane Quackenbush: Birth: 1831. Death: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Quackenbush: Birth: 1860. Death: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Quackenbush: Birth: 1821. Death: UNKNOWN
Estella Quackenbush: Birth: 1858. Death: UNKNOWN
George R. Quackenbush: Birth: 11 MAR 1862 in Warkworth, Ont.. Death: UNKNOWN
Hannah Quackenbush: Birth: 1801. Death: UNKNOWN
Isaiah Barnard Quackenbush: Birth: 1836 in Upper Canada.
Jacob Quackenbush: Birth: BEF 1844. Death: UNKNOWN
James Quackenbush: Birth: 1832. Death: UNKNOWN
Louise E. 'Mrs. Peter P.' Quackenbush: Birth: 1829. Death: UNKNOWN
Maria Rita Quackenbush: Birth: 1790 in Tappan, Orange Co., New York, U.S.A. Death: 1865 in Hillier Twp., Prince Edward Co., Ontario, Canada
Pearl Quackenbush: Birth: 27 JUN 1893. Death: UNKNOWN
Peter P. Quackenbush: Birth: 12 SEP 1829 in N. Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox & Addington Co., Upper Canada. Death: 17 SEP 1876 in N. Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox & Addington Co., Upper Canada
Peter Quackenbush: Birth: 02 MAR 1845 in Ontario, Canada.
Peter Quackenbush: Birth: 1788 in New York, USA. Death: UNKNOWN
Rachel Quackenbush: Birth: 1857. Death: UNKNOWN
Sarah 'Mrs. Jacob' Quackenbush: Birth: BEF 1844. Death: UNKNOWN
Sarah Emily Quackenbush: Birth: 28 JUL 1889 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 26 JAN 1973
Andrew Quackinbush: Birth: 1798 in N. Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox & Addington Co., Upper Canada. Death: UNKNOWN
Catherine Maria Carolina Quandt: Birth: 10 APR 1786 in Mecklenburg, Germany. Death: 19 FEB 1842 in Mecklenburg, Germany
Margaret Quar: Birth: 1825 in Scotland. Death: UNKNOWN
Joanna Quarles: Birth: ABT 1630. Death: UNKNOWN
Ferdinand Quast: Birth: 21 MAY 1842 in Germany. Death: 12 DEC 1922 in Grey Co, Ontario, Canada
Hilda Quast: Birth: 03 SEP 1890 in Bruce Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 28 FEB 1980
Charlotte Margaret Recor Quick: Birth: JUN 1884 in Washington Twp., Sanilac, Michigan, United States. Death: UNKNOWN
Herbert Quick: Birth: ABT 1882 in Clyde St Clair Co, Michigan.
Lena Belle Quick: Birth: 1869 in New York, U.S.A. Death: UNKNOWN
Stuart Quick: Birth: BEF 1851.
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Ida May Quigley: Birth: 25 OCT 1875 in Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: BET 1953 AND 1957
Ila Pearl Quigley: Birth: 15 OCT 1884 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 01 SEP 1972
John R Quigley: Birth: BEF 1834. Death: UNKNOWN
Jonathan Ferris Quigley: Birth: 1842 in Newburg, Canadaest. Death: 1896
Mary Ann Quigley: Birth: BEF 1834. Death: UNKNOWN
Mary Maria Quigley: Birth: 29 JUN 1830 in Kingston Twp., Frontnac Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 19 DEC 1884 in Lennox and Addington, , Ontario, Canada
Ogden Quigley: Birth: ABT 1852 in Sheffield Township Ontario. Death: UNKNOWN
Ogden Quigley: Birth: 1800 in State of New York,USA. Death: AFT 1881 in Possibly in Sophiasburgh Twp., Prince Edward Co., Ont.
Robert Quigley: Birth: 1766 in Elizabethtown, Essex, New Jersey, USA. Death: BET 1815 AND 1821 in Genoa, Cayuga, New York, USA
Waitie Louella Quigley: Birth: 23 AUG 1891 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 06 JUN 1979
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Agetha Quinlan: Birth: BEF 1891. Death: UNKNOWN
Barbara M. Quinlan: Birth: 19 MAR 1943. Death: 04 JUN 2009
Clifford Gordon Quinn: Birth: 09 SEP 1907 in Kingston, Frontenac Co., Ontario, Canada. Death: 07 APR 1960 in Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada
Eduard Quinn: Birth: ABT 1858 in Peterborough, Canada West. Death: UNKNOWN
John Quinn: Birth: BEF 1840. Death: UNKNOWN
Francis Robert Quirk: Birth: ABT 1887 in Peterborough Ont.
Hugh Quirk: Birth: ABT 1861. Death: BEF 1891
James Edward Quirk: Birth: 03 JUL 1881 in Isle of Man. Death: 08 NOV 1967 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Matthew Gordon Quirk: Birth: 01 MAR 1908. Death: 09 NOV 1978
Michael Quirk: Birth: BEF 1863. Death: UNKNOWN

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