Margaret /de Holand/
B: 1376
P: of, Upholland, Lancashire, England
D: 30 DEC 1439
P: St.Saviour's Mon, Bermondsey, Surrey, England

 Thomas /De Holland/
B: 1350
P: Upholand, Lancashire, England
M: 10 APR 1364
D: 25 APR 1397

 Alice /Fitzalan/
B: ABT 1352
P: of, Arundel, Sussex, England
D: 1376

 Thomas /de Holland/
B: 1314
P: of Holland, Upholland, Lancaster, England
M: 1346
D: 26 DEC 1360
P: Normandy, France

 Joan /Plantagenet/
B: 29 SEP 1328
P: Woodstock, Kent, England
P: Wallingford Cast, Wallingford, Berkshire, ...

 Richard /Fitzalan/
B: ABT 1313
M: 5 FEB 1344/45
P: ,Ditton, England
D: 24 JAN 1375/76
P: Arundel, Sussex, England

 Eleanor /Plantagenet/
B: ABT 1313
P: Grismond Castle, Monmouth, England
D: 11 JAN 1371/72
P: ,Arundel, Sussex, England

 Robert /de Holland/
B: 1280
P: of, Upholland, Lancashire, England
M: ABT 1311
P: of, Winchester, Hampshire, England
D: 7 OCT 1329
P: Boreham Wood, Essex, England
 Maud /La Zouche/
B: 1289
P: Ashby, Magna, Leicester, England
D: 31 MAY 1341
 Edmund Plantagenet of /Woodstock/
B: 5 AUG 1301
P: Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, England
M: DEC 1325
D: 19 MAR 1329/30
P: Winchester, Winchester, Hampshire, England
 Margaret /Wake/
B: 1300
D: 29 SEP 1349
 Edmund /Fitzalan/
B: 1 MAY 1285
M: 1305
P: Arundel, Sussex
D: 17 NOV 1326
P: Hereford, Herefordshire, England
 Alice /de Warenne/
B: ABT 1287
P: Warren, Sussex, England
D: BEF 23 MAY 1338
 Henry /Plantagenet/
B: 1281
P: Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, England
M: BEF 2 MAR 1296/97
D: 22 SEP 1345
P: Monastry of Cann, England
 Maud /Chaworth/
B: ABT 1282
P: Kidwelley, Carmarthenshire, Wales
D: AFT 19 FEB 1316/17
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