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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ellen Elizabeth Newth: Birth: 1873.

  2. Bernard Newth: Birth: 1876. Death: 1948 in Oldham,London,England

  3. Emily Edith Newth: Birth: 1877 in Swindon,Wiltshire,England. Death: 1903

  4. Sydney James Newth: Birth: 1879. Death: 1953 in Swindon,Wiltshire,England

  5. Beatrice Newth: Birth: 1880 in Swindon,Wiltshire,England. Death: 1960 in Swindon,Wiltshire,England

  6. Ernest Edwin Newth: Birth: 1882 in Swindon,Wiltshire,England. Death: 1939 in Somersetshire,England

1. Title:   John Newth 1581.FTW
2. Title:   Newth.GED

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