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1. Title:   Bruce Garner, E-mail, personal records, Bruce Garner (5/30/96)
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Page:   CA Death Index
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Page:   1930 U. S. Los Angeles Co., California Census

a. Note:   Son of Sylvan Lester Garner & Della Mahan Sawyer's Business School: When Smith finished grammar school there was no high school available. He was told that he had to hoe corn (work on the farm) so he went to Sawyer's. [Thelma Garner Lawless, Dec. 15, 1995]
  WW I: Enlisted 1 Aug 1917 at Mare Island, CA; Honorably discharged 30 Aug 1919 at Quantico, VA; Position at discharge: Sergeant; Foreign service: Ashore in France with U.S. Army from Feb 25, 1918 to Feb 18, 1919; Wounds received in service: June 14, 1918 gassed in action; Battles etc.: June 1 to 14, 1918 Bois de Belleau Chateau Thierry Sector - Ref. BG-38 WW I: When Smith tried to enlist in 1917 or 18, he was refused service because of his (low) weight. To compensate he went on a diet of peanuts, milk shakes and bananas until he met the weight minimum. (Lester Cawelti) He was stationed at Quantico, VA, and assigned to an office job when his unit was scheduled to go over seas. When he found that he was not on the list he made a fuss and was allowed to go to France with the unit. (Thelma Lawless) WW I: 1918: Helped bring in comrade who was gassed (Mustard gas) and at the hospital it was found that he also had been gassed, (Dallas) He was making repeated trips bringing in gassed wounded when it was found that he was gassed worse than most. He was hospitalized and was blind for eighteen months. (Thelma Lawless) For this he was awarded the Purple Heart, inscribed, "For Military Merit Smith J. Garner." His eyes bothered him the rest of his life. When he attempted to study law, about 1939, to pass the bar, his eyes prevented his doing the necessary reading and he had to give up this ambition. (Bruce Garner) He had another girl friend before he was married. May be the girl in some pictures in Thelma's album.
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