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Marriage: Children:
  1. Warren Wright: Death: 1978

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Text:   other sources say "a fabrication"
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a. Note:   She ran four Kentucky Derby winners: 1952 Hill Gail, 1957 IronLiege, 1958 Tim Tam (named for her lap dog),, and 1968 ForwardPass, all but the last one were trained by Ben Jones & his sonJimmy. Her first husband, Warren Wright, established theThoroughbred farm based on his father's stud, and Warren ran thefarm's first four Derby winners in 1941, '44, '48, & '49. ,
b. Note:   One of 7 children
c. Note:   Her immediate family was a humble one, a fact her first husbandtried to cover up with an altered story erronously implyingconnections to a well-known, prestigious Kentucky family of thesame surname. Lucille corrected the record after Warren's death.She also moved to California and joined the glittering sociallife of the Hollywood set.
d. Note:   Her "son," Warren, Jr., was an alcoholic, failed businessman, &convicted tax evader and they were virtually estranged. She wasbitterly dismissive of both Warren, Jr. & his wife, Bertha, andwas said to have treated Warren Wright, Jr.'s children withgreat insensitivity perhaps taking out her frustrations on them.The son died relatively young leaving his widow & children in abad way to which Lucille gave little if any help. One storysays the grandchildren bringing her Christmas gifts wereinstructed to just leave them on the porch, hardly the way toestablish in them any love or affection for Calumet.
e. Note:   Late in life she endowed several medical institutions to bearher name.
f. Note:   The Calumet trophy collection from the Wright & Markey days wasnot clearly entailed and after the farm banckruptcy caused byWright heirs it became the object of great controversy, finallycoming to rest, after great effort by the Commonwealth ofKentucky and its people, at a museum located in the KentuckyHorse Park. The farm itself was auctioned off but saved in itsentireity by a thoughtful purchasing family who have, so far,mintained the colors and the traditions of this iconic horsefarm. --AGP
g. Note:   Calumet Farm was entailed by Warren Wright to his son Warren,Jr., much to Lucille's dismay. While Lucile did outlive Warren,Jr., entailment meant she was unable to cut him or his familyout as she was always clear she would have had she been able.As a result the farm, after her death, went to Warren, Jr.'sheirs. He had 3 children and his widow, Bertha, was stillliving. The sad story of how they then devided & ran the estateis well covered in the book, "Wild Ride."
h. Note:   (sic)
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