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1. Title:   House of Rochester in Kentucky, The
Text:   p.80
Author:   Mrs. Agatha Rochester Strange
Publication:   Democrat Printing Co., Publishers, 1889
2. Title:   Weisiger
Text:   date
Author:   Robert Baker Cartwright's
3. Title:   The Weisiger Family
Text:   p.14, d/place
Author:   Weisiger, Benjamin Boisseau, III
Publication:   self published - soft cover

a. Note:   Our family story was that he was 'Business Manager of the KingRanch in Texas' & that his employer's (King's) sons (RichardKing, R.E.L.King) lived w/ the Widow Ruth Weisiger while inschool in Danville. The King's sister also attended school inDanville. Now I realize that Mattie's husband, Hiram, was halfbrother of Henrietta King (Mrs. Richard King). Per King Ranchhistory Hiram & his brothers were raised there as youngsters,considered family, & did later work there as well.The dates fit better for Belle to have been courted by Richardbut R.E.L.'s flunking out fits other parts of old story.--AGP
b. Note:   The King son that lived with the Weisigers & was only there ayear because he failed to attend classes and partied & racedhorses instead was probably Robt. E. L. King. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.