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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ann "Nancy" Garnett: Birth: 1757.

  2. Oliver Garnett: Birth: ABT 1758. Death: 1838

  3. Elizabeth Garnett: Birth: ABT 1761.

  4. John Garnett: Birth: prob aft 1760.

  5. Sarah "Sallie" Garnett: Birth: ABT 1763 in Culpepper Co., Va.. Death: BEF 1829

  6. Mary GARNETT: Birth: 1764 in ? Culpeper Co., VA. Death: 1834

  7. Averilla Garnett: Birth: ABT 1768. Death: BEF 1845

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  11. Person Not Viewable

  12. William Garnett: Death: ABT 1776

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