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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph WEISIGER: Birth: 20 FEB 1794 in Frankfort, Franklin Co, KY. Death: 14 SEP 1873 in Dewitt Co, TX

  2. Anne Mobrey Weisiger: Birth: ABT 1795 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., Kentucky. Death: ABT 1861 in prob. Mississippi

  3. Elizabeth Richardson "Eliza" Weisiger: Birth: 17 APR 1796 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., Kentucky. Death: 24 MAY 1840

  4. Daniel Kendall Weisiger: Birth: ABT 1797. Death: poss bef Oct1856 in Texas

  5. Mary Bell Weisiger: Birth: 30 MAY 1801 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY. Death: 29 JAN 1847 in Franklin Co., Ky.

  6. Lucy Price Weisiger: Birth: 17 JUL 1803 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., Ky.. Death: 3 JUN 1838

  7. Samuel Price Weisiger: Birth: NOV 1804 in prob. Frankfort, Franklin Co., Kentucky. Death: 30 SEP 1880 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

  8. Emmaline M. "Emma" Weisiger: Birth: 22 JUL 1807 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY. Death: 24 JUN 1840 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., Ky.

  9. Isabella Price Weisiger: Birth: 28 DEC 1809 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY. Death: 27 MAY 1852 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky.

  10. William Russell Weisiger: Birth: 12 MAY 1813 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY. Death: 18 OCT 1821 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY

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Text:   Some descendants speculate her actual grave is in Texas.--AGP
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6. Title:   Weisiger

a. Note:   After Daniel's 1829 death Lucy continued, with the assistanceof Thomas Noble Lindsey, her son-in-law, & son Samuel P., tooperate the Weisiger Inn until 1841 when she sold the hotel toCapt. Thomas P. Hart (whose granddaughter, Helen Talbot, wouldlater marry her grandson, John Brown Lindsey). The Capitol Hotelwould also be built, some years later, on the very same site.Lucy and Thomas N. Lindsey bought a house together & it isthought that Lucy made her home with her son-in-law anddaughter, Isabell, and her seven Lindsey grandchildren.Isabella died in March of 1852 leaving Thomas with childrenranging from 7 months to 16 yoa. It must have seemed highlylikely that Thomas would remarry, which he later did.Meanwhile, Lucy's son & Isabella's brother, Dr. Joseph Weisiger,lost his 2nd wife in May 1852. Possibly due in part to the winds of war, in any event LucyPrice and this recently widowed son, Dr. Joseph Weisiger, andhis new (3rd) wife) must must have decided the West they left Kentucky together for Texas where, alongwith other family members, the Weisigers became ranchers inVictoria County. Lucy passed away in 1857 in Texas. There is some debate amongsther descendants in Kentucky & Tennessee as to whether herremains were actually returned to Frankfort to be buried besideDaniel or remained in Texas. Her stone is in Frankfort and noTexas grave has ever been located for Lucy. Remains werefrequently transfered long distances back then, routinely makingjourneys that seem unlikely to some of us today. I am inclinedto believe that she was, in all probability, buried as shewished to be, in Frankfort. --AGP
b. Note:   Bore her 10th and last child when she was 38 and Daniel was afew days shy of 50.
c. Note:   Neagle (miniatures?) likenesses of Lucy & Daniel in "A Corner inCelebrities"Continued to run "Weisiger House" (later site of Old CapitolHotel) for a decade after husband's death.
d. Note:   Photo of portrait by John Neagle & biography, pp. 280-81
e. Note:   3 known Jouett portraits.
f. Note:   AGP's GGGG Gdmother
g. Note:   Dewitt, new home of son Joseph
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