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  1. Billy Joe Booker: Birth: BEF 1941. Death: 23 NOV 2009 in Georgia

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1. Title:   Descendants of Leonard & Sarah Kimbrough Brown

a. Note:   I interviewed Harry very formally when I was in 10th grade, ca1958, about the Capt. Mantell fighter pilot crash in Simpson Co.The interview was for a class project. I was doing a formalreport on U.F.O.'s as the subject of a speech I was required togive on any subject I picked & researched. Harry was my nextdoor neighbor and also the county coroner for many years. Hewas one of the first on the soon-to-be-famous crash scene, aswas my cousin Tom Hughes, a professional photog &Courier-Journal stringer (& thus a young ambulance chaser, too).All my youth I'd heard of Tom's photograph of the wreckage takenbeing bought by LIFE magazine only to be returned as itspublication was "forbidden by the Army." Ooo-oh-h... That, andmy Marine great uncle's comments to me & to my father, fueled agreat interest in the possibility of "flying saucers" exhisting.Harry's telling me that the top of Mantel's head was cleanly cutoff above the eyebrows and never found just fueled myimagination. For the same report I wrote to the army for theiropinion on various reported UFO sightings. A 3-page, singlespaced, very serious, form-letter reply from the U.S.Army to me(I wrote them as "Project A") soon arrived in which every otherparagraph said to effect, "Do Not Worry!" or something like "noone has really seen anything; do not worry" or "all sightingscan be explained; do not be afraid." It made me realize thatthe army was more worried about my possible fear (I had none.)than an enthusiastic 15 yr. old was worried aboutextra-terrestials. Which made me wonder what they really knew.I finally decided no one knew & just had to be satisfied withthat.--AGP is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.