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Marriage: Children:
  1. Peter Bland Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1849. Death: 5 AUG 1882 in Santaa Gertrudis Ranch, Texas

  2. William Chapman "Willie" Chamberlain: Birth: 2 OCT 1850 in Brownsville, Texas. Death: 1932 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas

  3. Anna Adelia Chamberlain: Birth: 16 JUN 1855 in Brownsville, Texas. Death: 30 JUL 1937 in Brooklyn, New York

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  6. Hiram Chamberlain: Birth: in Boyle Co., Ky.

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Caroline V. Griswold: Birth: prob bef 1840. Death: 28 OCT 1866

1. Title:   Kings of Texas
Text:   p.50
Author:   Don Graham
Publication:   John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
2. Title:   The King Ranch
Text:   pp.63-65, p.323, mo/yr
Author:   by Tom Lea
Publication:   Little, Brown, & Co., 1957
3. Title:   Dittbrenner, Griswold, Jones

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