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Marriage: Children:
  1. Isabella /Bruce/: Birth: 1272. Death: 1358

  2. Christina /de Bruce/: Birth: 1273.

  3. Robert I /the Bruce/ of Scotland: Birth: 11 JUL 1274 in England (probably Turnberry). Death: 7 JUN 1329 in Cardross Castle, Scotland

  4. Edward /Bruce/ Great Lord of Ireland: Birth: 1276. Death: 1318 in Killed at Battle of Dundalk

  5. Neil /de Bruce/: Birth: 1279. Death: ABT 1306 in hanged by Edward I of England

  6. Maud Matilda /de Bruce/: Birth: 1282.

  7. Mary /de Bruce/: Birth: 1282.

  8. Margaret /Bruce/: Birth: 1283.

  9. Thomas /de Bruce/: Birth: 1284. Death: ABT 1307 in executed by Edward I

  10. Alexander /Bruce/ Earl of Carrick: Birth: 1285. Death: 1307 in Executed by Edward I

  11. Elizabeth /de Bruce/: Birth: 1286.

  12. Margery /de Bruce/: Birth: 1287.

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