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Note:   <br><br><br>ELIZABETH5 STEWART (JAMES4), born about 1756, apparently never married.Her brother WILLIAM deeded to her a tract of land in Fauquier county,July 20, 1790. She was mentioned as BETTY STEWART in the will of JAMESCRAIG, July 2, 1792. She deeded land to THOMAS CHILTON, Sep.__, 1806.ELIZABETH s will, probated Jan. 26, 1807, mentioned her brothers andsisters JAMES, CHARLES, WILLIAM, JOHN and ALLEN STEWART, MARY NEVILLE,JANE NORMAN and HELEN GRIFFIN. EDWARD NORMAN was made administrator withher brother JAMES. The appraisal of her estate was made Dec. 27,1806.-- James Stewart & Jane Allen of Fauquier County --C:129, GeorgeEdson, ed., Stewart Clan Magazine, Tome D, Vol. XVII, No. 3 (September1939): 90-92. This individual was found on GenCircles at: This individual was found on GenCircles at: SOUR @33741993@ ALIV 0 ALIV 0
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