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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Stewart: Birth: 1746 in Hamilton, Prince William, VA.

  2. Mary Stewart: Birth: 1748 in Hamilton, Prince William, VA.

  3. Allen Stewart: Birth: 1752 in Hamilton, Prince William, VA. Death: 1827 in , Fauquier, VA

  4. Elizabeth Stewart: Birth: 1754 in Hamilton, Prince William, VA. Death: 1806

  5. James Stewart: Birth: 1756 in Hamilton, Prince William, VA.

  6. Jane Stewart: Birth: 1758 in Hamilton, Prince William, VA.

  7. Charles Stewart: Birth: 1760 in , Fairfax, VA. Death: 27 Jul 1851 in Licking Co., Ohio

  8. Helen Stewart: Birth: 1762 in , Fairfax, VA.

a. Note:   NI1417
Note:   <br><br><br>The parents of JAMES STEWART, husband of JANE ALLEN, are currentlyunknown. One theory has JOHN STEWART/STUART and ELIZABETH STURMAN, butaccording to available records online, this JOHN STEWART died beforeApril 29, 1702, and had 3 known children--Elizabeth, Ann, and William,and some say 4--John, Elizabeth, Ann, and William. It is said that theJAMES STEWART we are searching for was 1722, 20 years after thedeath of the JOHN STEWART who md. ELIZABETH STURMAN. 1720 Nov. 2, King George Co., VA, formed from Richmond Co. andWestmoreland Co. 1727 Feb. 1, Prince William Co., formed from King George Co. and StaffordCo. 1758 Sept. 14, Fauquier Co., VA, formed from Prince William Co. Transcriptions from the Stewart Clan Magazine are arranged inchronological order by publication date which illustrates how furtherresearch results in new information and revisions to earlierinterpretations. JAMES4 STEWART, born about 1722, married JANE ________. They wereresiding in Hamilton parish, Fauquier county, Virginia, in May, 1781,when JAMES made his will. He died in 1787 [sic; probated Oct. 22, 1781;see D:91 & D:101], probably, as the will was proved in October of thatyear [Fauquier county wills,i:424]. The executors were his wife JANE, sonJAMES STEWART and JAMES HATHAWAY. Witnesses to the will were WILLIAMMETCALFE, SARAH ELLIOTT and BETSEY METCALFE. Nine children werementioned. Jan. 28, 1788, JANE STEWART, the elder, and JOHN STEWART andwife SALLY executed a deed to NATHANIEL OWENS [Fauquier county deeds,x:1]. Children: (5) MARY; m. July 31, 1772, THOMAS NEVILLE, Fauquier county JOHN; m. (1) SARAH _________, (2) HANNAH __________ ALLEN; m. May 28, 1785, SARAH GRINAN, Fauquier county ELIZABETH; WILLIAM; JAMES; JANE; CHARLES; HELEN.-- Stewarts of HenryCounty, Kentucky ---C:34 [sic;C:54?], Records of Mrs. L.D. Prewitt ofForest City, Iowa, and other records, George Edson, ed., Stewart ClanMagazine, Tome C, Vol. XII, No. 12 (June 1935):129-31. (5) probate records. JAMES4 STEWART, born about 1722, married about 1744 JANE ALLEN, daughterof ARCHIBALD ALLEN of King George county, Va. ARCHIBALD ALLEN mentionedhis daughter JANE STEWART in his will dated Dec. 31, 1758, probated June3, 1762, in King George county. JAMES bought Dec. 20, 1769, of RICHARDGRUBBS of Prince William county and wife SUSANNA a tract of land inHamilton parish, Fauquier county, the witnesses to the deed being JOHNCHILTON, CHARLES CHILTON, THOMAS DAWKINS, ALLEN STEWART and RICHARDGRUBBS [3:525-7]. JAMES of Fauquier county deeded Feb. 27, 1775, 85 acresof land in Fauquier county to JAMES, jr., of Fairfax county for naturallove and affection [6:115]. JAMES made his will May 26, 1781, and it wasprobated Oct. 22, 1781: witnesses, WILLIAM METCALFE, BETSEY METCALFE andSARAH ELLIOTT [wills,i:424]. The executors were his wife, son JAMES and JAMES HATHAWAY. He gave to hiswife during her life one half of the tract of land which he had bought ofRICHARD GRUBBS, whereon my son JOHN now lives, and at her death it wasto go to son JOHN. To his son ALLEN he gave a negro lad named Solomon, afeather bed and a cow and calf. To his son WILLIAM he gave L14 in gold orsilver. To his son JAMES he gave L10 in gold or silver. My son CHARLEShas been provided for and he is not to possess any more of my estate. The remainder he left to his daughters MARY, BETTY, JANE and HELEN. JANESTEWART, the elder, and JOHN and his wife SALLY deeded Jan. 28, 1788, toNATHANIEL OWENS 124 acres in Hamilton parish which JAMES STEWART, fatherof JOHN, had bought of RICHARD GRUBBS and willed to JANE and JOHN. [7]Feb. 25, 1788, they deeded 46 acres from the same tract to JAMES STEWART.JAMES CRAIG, in his will July 2, 1792, probated June 22, 1801, inFauquier county, bequeathed L5 to JANE STEWART, widow of JAMES, in caseshe survives me; if she does not, the same amount to her daughter BETTY. The widow may have gone to Henry county, Ky., with her son JOHN. Children: JOHN; m. (1) SARAH ________, (2) 5 Oct 1814 HANNAH DUNBAR, Ky. WILLIAM; mb. Mar. 25, 1770, SUSANNA GRIGSBY ALLEN; mb. May 28, 1783, SARAH GRENNAN MARY; mb. July 31, 1772, THOMAS NEVILLE JAMES; m. MARY _________ ELIZABETH; died unmarried in 1806; will proved Jan. 26, 1807, Fauquiercounty JANE; mb. Feb. 24, 1778, EDWARD NORMAN CHARLES HELEN; m. __________ GRIFFIN. --- James Stewart & Jane Allen of FauquierCounty ----C:129, George Edson, ed., Stewart Clan Magazine, Tome D, Vol.XVII, No. 3 (September 1939):90-92. (7) land record JAMES4 STEWART of Hamilton parish, Prince William [after Apr. 5, 1759,Fauquier] county, bought Oct. 28, 1751, of JAMES SCOTT of Dittengenparish, Prince William county, clerk, 200 acres on the east side of Milnrun, bounded by THOMAS STAMPS, Col. PAGE and others, crossing Baldwinridge: witnesses, JOHN MONCURE, SCARLET MALLDAIN and THOMAS REEDMAN[M:194]. This is the JAMES STEWART of Fauquier county given on page 90.On Sep. 9, 1767, JAMES STEWART and wife JANE of Fauquier county leased(release dated Dec. 7, 1767) to CHARLES STEWART of Stafford county (forL200) 476 acres in Dittengen parish, Prince William county, which JAMESSTEWART had purchased of PHILEMON WATERS and LUKE KENNON: witnesses, W.ELIZEY, YELV.PEYTON, JAMES BELL and WILLIAM BENNETT [Q:564-5]. The deedof this land to JAMES STEWART was probably not recorded, or was in one ofthe books which were destroyed. The CHARLES STEWART here mentioned wasperhaps JAMES s son. CHARLES was one of the appraisers July 6, 1778, ofthe estate of REUBEN CALVERT in Prince William county. (Mrs. J. EstelleStewart King s Wills and Marriages of Fauquier County gives the date ofprobate of JAMES s will as 1781, while Mrs. L.D. Prewitt gives the date as 1787.)--- Prince William County, Virginia, George Edson, ed.,Stewart Clan Magazine, Tome D, Vol. XVII, No. 4 (October 1939):101. (15)deductions of the editor The Dawkins and Stewart Families of Virginia and Kentucky is a worthybook done by Mrs. Lela Wolfe Prewitt and her husband, Prof. Lester D.Prewitt, 501 Carpenter street, Fairfield, Iowa, 52556, both of whom haveSTEWART lineages. It sells for $8.50 [in 1969]. The STEWART section ofthe 154-page book takes up JAMES STEWART, who appeared with his wife JANEand children in Fauquier county, Virginia, some years before theRevolutionary war,---C:54, 129, D:90, 264. JAMES s eldest son, JOHN,moved out to Henry county, Kentucky, shortly before the year 1800,probably with his son JOHN s family, for he was an elderly man.--- NotesAbout People, Places and Events, George Edson, ed., Stewart ClanMagazine, Tome J, Vol. 46, No. 7 (January 1969):31-32. Genealogy-Reference 929.2 P9293 (Mid-Continent Public Library,Independence, MO) Lela (Wolfe) Prewitt (1901- ), The Dawkins and StewartFamilies of Virginia and Kentucky (Fairfield, IA: 1968): 154 p. map. Stewart Family <><> Mrs. J. Estelle Stewart King s Wills and Marriages of Fauquier Countygives the date of probate of JAMES s will as 1781, while Mrs. L.D.Prewitt gives the date as 1787. Prince William County, Virginia, TomeD, Vol.XVII, No.4:101. BIOGRAPHY: FROM: Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia: Wills,Inventories And Accounts: 1759--1800 by John K. Gott JAMES STEWART, of the County of Fauquier and Parish of Hamilton (Will);Date: 26 May 1781 SON: ALLEN--a Negro boy named Soloman and feather bed and furniture andone Cow and Calf. WIFE: Beloved wife (Jane)--the moiety of the tract I purchased of RICHARDGRUBBS whereon my Son JOHN now lives during her natural life and afterher death to my Son JOHN...lend to my beloved Wife a Negro Man--a Negrogirl--two Cows and Calves, two Ewes and Lambs, two Sows with Pigs, oneFeather bed with furniture, one pot and pan, one pewter dish, with sixplates and her choice of one of my horses or Mares. SON: WILLIAM--L14 in gold or silver. SON: JAMES--L10 in gold or silver. SON: CHARLES--whereas I have before made provisions for my son CHARLES itis my Will and desire that he possess no more of my Estate..........aftermy death Negro Toney and Ben shall be immediately sold and all theremainder of my Estate except what I have lent to my beloved wife out ofwhich the legacies abovementioned to my Son WILLIAM and JAMES shall befirst paid off and the remainder to be equally divided between my DAUS: four daughters, viz.: BETTY, MARY, JANE and HELEN and at the deathof my Wife, the articles lent to her be also sold and equally dividedbetween my above daughters. EXORS: beloved wife JANE, son JAMES and JAMES HATHAWAY SIGNED: JAMES STEWART WIT: WILLIAM METCALF, SARAH (X) ELLIOTT, BETTSE (X) METCALF. PROVED: 22 October 1781--by o. of WILLIAM METCALF, SARAH ELLIOTT andBETSY METCALFE. Cert. granted JANE STEWART, JAMES STEWART and JAMESHATHAWAY who made oath and executed and ack. bond as the law directs. ******************************** JAMES STEWART (Administrator s Account) DATE: 2 March 1798 r.: JAMES STEWART DETAILS: TO: JOSEPH BLACKWELL, JOHN STEWART, JAMES STEWARD, JOSEPHNELSON, WILLIAM STEWART, ALLEN STEWART, ELIZABETH STEWART for herproportion of sale in full, 8815 lbs. Tobo., L14.15.6 1/2; THOMAS NEVILLin full for MARY STEWART part of sale; HELEN STEWART, do ; EDWARD NORMANfor JANE s part of do ; BY: (1781)--CHARLES CHILTON, COLONEL WILLIAMEDMONDS. EXM D BY: CHARLES MARSHALL, THOMAS DIGGS, WILY ROY, B. DUFFY. RET.: 23 September 1799 ********************************* JAMES STEWART (Sale of Estate) DATE: 3 April 1798 EXORS: JAMES HATHAWAY, SEN R., JAMES STEWART, SEN R. PURCHASERS: ELIZABETH STEWART, HELEN GRIFFIN, EDWARD NORMAN. RET.: 25 June 1798 ********************************* FROM: Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia: Wills, Inventories AndAccounts: 1759--1800 by John K. Gott JAMES SCOTT, Jun r. of the Parish of Leeds (Will) Date: 2 January 1779 WIFE: ELIZABETH SCOTT--the whole of my Estate real and personal duringher Widowhood, but upon her inter-marriage she have one third part andafter her decease the whole of my lands except those in Prince Williamand on the Ohio, shall be advertised and sold to the highest bidder andlikewise my Negroes and the money equally divided between my Children andthat all my Stocks of every kind and household furniture be sold and themoney be equally divided between my Daughters. DAUS.: SARAH, FRANCES, ELIZABETH and NANCY SCOTT...and... SONS: ALEXANDER, JAMES, CUTHBERT and THOMAS--if any of the above shoulddie without issue it is my Will and desire that their proportion shouldbe equally divided amongst the Survivors. SONS: JAMES, CUTHBERT and THOMAS--all my lands on the Ohio to be equallydivided between them or the Survivors. EXORS: Wife ELIZABETH SCOTT, CUTHBERT BULLITT and CUTHBERTHARRISON--request of them is to have my Sons well educated out of theprofits of my Estate--but should my Father be inclined to undertake thecare of my Son James s Education it is my will and desire that he begiven up to his intire disposal. SIGNED: JAS. SCOTT, JUN R. WIT: SAM L BOYD, JAMES STEWARD, JU R., WILLIAM STEWART. PROVED: 22 November 1779, by o. of JAMES STEWART, JUN R. and WILLIAMSTEWART. ELIZABETH SCOTT and CUTHBERT BULLITT made o. and granted cert.for obtaining a probate thereof. ********************************* FROM: Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia: Wills, Inventories AndAccounts: 1759--1800 by John K. Gott THOMAS MACKIE (Will) Date: 19 May 1786 I desire that MRS. ELIZABETH SCOTT widow of my Late Worthy Friend JAMESSCOTT, ESQ. may be Paid the annuity left me by my Friend The Reverend MR.JAMES SCOTT from the Death of his Widow MRS. SARAH SCOTT Deceased untillmy Death and also all the Rest of my Estate. MRS. ELIZABETH SCOTT THOMAS (his X mark) MACKIE CHARLES CHILTON, WILLIAM STEWART 29 April 1788 by o. of witnesses. ELIZABETH SCOTT granted cert. to obtainprobate. ********************************* FROM: Abstracts Of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages Of FauquierCounty, Virginia: 1759-1800 by J. Estelle Stewart King. STEWART, JAMES 26 May 1781. 22 Oct. 1781. Hamilton Parish. To wife, the moiety of a tract of land that I purchased of RICHARDGRUBBS, whereon my son JOHN now lives, to have during her natural life,at her decease to son JOHN. Beloved wife to have 2 cows, 2 ewes, 2 sowswith pigs, feather bed, dishes and choice of horses. To son ALLEN, aNegro lad named SOLOMON, feather bed, cow & calf. To son, WILLIAM, 14pounds in gold or silver. To son, JAMES, 10 pounds in gold or silver. SonCHARLES has been provided for and he is not to possess any more of myestate. After my decease certain negroes are to be sold and all remainderof my estate, except what has been given or lent my wife, out of whichabove mentioned legacies to sons WILLIAM and JAMES are to be paid,remainder to daughters, MARY, BETTY, JANE and HELEN. All articles lentwife to be sold at her decease and divided between daughters. EXRS: wife,son JAMES and JAMES HATHAWAY. WIT: WILLIAM METCALFE, BETSY METCALFE,SARAH ELLIOTT. (Name of wife not given in will, but it was JANE STEWART.)(p. 424). ********************************* STEWART, JAMES. An Account of estate of JAMES STEWART, dec d. JAMES STEWART, JR., EXR.APPRS: CHARLES MARSHALL, THOMAS DIGGS, WILLY ROY, B. DUFFY. (p. 212). ********************************* FROM: Abstracts Of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages Of FauquierCounty, Virginia: 1759-1800 by J. Estelle Stewart King. SCOTT, JAMES 2 Jan. 1779. 22 Nov. 1779. Of Parish of Leeds. To wife, ELIZABETH SCOTT, whole of estate during widowhood; mentions landin Prince William County and on the Ohio river. Daughters: SARAH,FRANCES, ELIZABETH and NANCY SCOTT. SONS: ALEXANDER, JAMES, CUTHBERT andTHOMAS SCOTT. EXRS: wife, CUTHBERT BULLITT, CUTHBERT HARRISON. WIT:JAMES STEWART, SAMUEL BOYD, WILLIAM STEWART. (p. 385). ********************************* FROM: Abstracts Of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages Of FauquierCounty, Virginia: 1759-1800 by J. Estelle Stewart King. GRIGSBY, SAMUEL 11 May 1781. 22 Oct. 1781. Parish of Leeds. To wife, ANN GRIGSBY, estate during her widowhood. Should she remarryestate to be sold and divided among the children. Mentions mother,MRS.DADE, of Prince George Co., Va. EXRS: HENRY PEYTON, WILLIAM GRIGSBY,JAMES GRIGSBY. WIT: JOHN SCOTT, JOHN FISHBACK, PETER TAIT. (p. 420). ********************************* FROM: Abstracts Of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages Of FauquierCounty, Virginia: 1759-1800 by J. Estelle Stewart King. Fauquier County Marriage Bonds STEWART, ALLEN to GRINNAN, SARAH m. 28 May 1785 STEWART, WILLIAM to GRIGSBY, SUSANNAH m. 25 March 1770 ********************************* FROM: Abstracts Of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages Of FauquierCounty, Virginia: 1759-1800 by J. Estelle Stewart King. PETERS, John 4 Oct. 1781. ---------. To wife (unnamed) to have dwelling house, land and slaves, duringwidowhood. To son, JOHN PETERS, land and slaves. To sons, NIMROD andJAMES PETERS, parcel of land
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