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  1. Trudie Truda LASITER: Birth: ABT 1902 in , , Missouri.

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a. Note:   N2 Albert P. Lasiter lived for many years (1950s and 60s) in a little house on a cedar glade just off the CCC road in Eagle Rock, Missouri. He had a view of a very beautiful valley.
 Albert had lost the use of one eye somehow, long ago, and he was an old man. Albert implied that he had little or no family and so people in the neighborhood did the things for him that family usually does.
 Albert raised dogs and goats. He liked to fish and sometimes when he felt like talking, Albert would tell stories about the old days. You may judge for yourself as to the fictional content of these stories.
 Around 1910, he was working in Wyoming for a sheep rancher. One day some cattle ranchers shot some of the sheep; so Albert dragged some logs across the road, hid in the rocks, and ambushed the cattlemen. He shot some of them. The owner of the sheep ranch told Albert that he had better disappear quickly and forever. So Albert got on a train for Missouri. On that train he was propositioned by a lady-of-easy-virtue. He thought that she intended to rob him; so after they spent the night together, he stole her purse, and went on to Missouri.
 Albert also used to tell stories about panning for gold. He said that he knew a place where there were plenty of gold nuggets, but the river was too deep and swift to pan.
 While Albert lived at Eagle Rock, Albert was known to have cut a man's throat once in an argument over payment for a dog. The man did not die and Albert spent some time in the "Big State Hospital" at Nevada, Missouri. My theory is that when Albert received the injury that blinded his eye, perhaps the front part of his brain that controls impulses was also damaged. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.