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  • ID: I3633
  • Name: John D. Smith
  • Given Name: John D.
  • Surname: Smith
  • Name: Virgil
  • Given Name: Virgil aka
  • Sex: M
  • _UID: FF2D46D67719D5119D63B90C96EDF61D192E
  • Change Date: 8 FEB 2007
  • Note:
    NAME: Virgil John D. Smith

    CENSUS: 1930 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma census. E.D., Number, 61-3. Sheet Number, 4-B. April 9, 1930., & also E.D., Number, 61-3. Sheet Number, 5-B. April 10, 1930.
    Smith...R. M. Head. On a farm, yes. (m)(w) Age, 39. Married. 22 at time of frist marriage. Can read & write, yes. Born Oklahoma. Father born Arkansas. Mother born Arkansas. English. Farmer. General Farm.
    [Smith] Mattie Wife. (f)(w) Age, 36. Married. 19 at time of first marriage. Can read & write, yes. Born Oklahoma. Father born Arkansas. Mother born Arkansas. English. None.
    [Smith] John D. Son. (m)(w) Age, 10. Single. Attended School, no. Can read & write, no. Born Oklahoma. Father born Oklahoma. Mother born Arkansas. English. None.
    [Smith] Ruby Adel Daughter. (f)(w) Age, 5. Single. Attended School, no. Can read & write, no. Born Oklahoma. Father born Oklahoma. Mother born Arkansas. None.
    [Smith] Cora Lee Daughter. (f)(w) Age, 1 0/12[?]. Single. Attended School, no. Can read & write, no. Born Oklahoma. Father born Oklahoma. Mother born Arkansas. None.

    OBITUARY: Information found in the Daily McAlester News-Capital And Democrat Newspaper. Thursday May 9, 1983. Obituary of Virgil John D. Smith reads as follows:
    John D. Smith, 63, of Wichita, Kas., a native and early resident of the Ulan community, died in a Wichita hospital Tuesday. He was born May 12, 1920, to Marlin and Mattie Smith. Smith moved to Wichita 35 years ago. For three decades he was an employee of the Coleman Company prior to retiring.
    Smith was a member of the Baptist church. He married Carey Floyds at Wichita in June of 1953 She survives him. Funeral rites will be at 2 P.M. Friday in the Victory Park Baptist church, with Rev. Terry Sledge officiating. Burial will be in Ulan cemetery under the direction of the Mills Funeral home.
    Pallbearers: Harold Vaughan, Bobby Vaughan, Don White, J.L. White, Dave Hiberd, Don Williams. Survivors other than his wife are a brother, George W. Smith of Wichita; two sisters, Mrs. Cora Lee Ott of Hartshorne and Mrs. Ruby Ramey of McAlester; three Aunts, Mrs. Nellie Vaughan of McAlester, Mrs. Lou White of Arpelar, and Mrs. Beatrice Vaughan of Ulan; an uncle, Dewey Vaughan of McAlester, and a number of nieces and nephews.

    FUNERAL HOME RECORDS: The following is the Mills Funeral Home Records, McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Funeral Home Record of Virgil John D. Smith reads as follows:
    1., Deceased Name, Virgil John D. Smith. 2., Date of Death, May 17, 1983. 3., Sex, Male. 4., Race, White. 5., Age Last Birthday, 63. 6., Date of Birth, May 12, 1920. 7a., County of Death, Sedgwick. 7b., Town or Location of Death, Wichita, [Kansas]. 7c., Inside City Limits, Yes. 7d., Hospital, St Francis Medical Center. 8., State of Birth, Ulan, Oklahoma. 9., Citizen of What County, U.S.A. 10., Married. 11., Surviving Spouse (If wife give maiden name), Cary Butler. 12., Social Security Number, 440-18-9235. 13a., Usual Occupation, Coleman Co. 13b., Kind of Business or Industry, Boiler Makers. 14a., Residence - State, Kansas. 14b., County, Sedgwick. 14c., City or Town, Wichita. 14d., Inside City Limits, ____. 14e., Street and Number, 600 West 81th south. 15., Fathers Name, Marlin Smith. 16, Mothers - Maiden Name, Mattie Vaughan. 17a., Informant - Name, George W. Smith. 17b., Mailing Address, 600 West 81th South, Wichita, Kansas 67233. Name for Newspaper, John D. Smith, Veteran, Name of War, World War II - Navy. Name of Doctor, Downing - Lahey Funeral Home. Date of Service, May 20, 1983 - Friday. Place, Victory Park Baptist - Time, 2:00 P.M. Cemetery, Ulan Cemetery - (Family 2:00 P.M. Wed.) Minister, Rev. Terry Sledge. Musician and Songs, George & Terry. Family car, Yes., 529 W. Harrison. Door Badges, 1, Addresses: 529 W. Harrison. Active Pallbearers, Harold Vaughan, Bobby Vaughan, Don White, J.I. White, Dave Hiberd, Don Williams. Memorandum: Downing & Lahey Funeral Home - 6555 E. Central - Wichita, Kansas 67206. Death Certificate to Doctor, 5/19/83 to Downing & Lahey. To Registar, ___. No. Ordered, 6 from Kansas. SS Forms, 5/19/83. V.A. Benefits, 7/31/83. Flag, CLB 5/19/83. Headstone, (Form given to Family). Church, Baptist Faith. Survivors, Wife, Carey at the home. 1-Brother: George W. Smith - Wichita, Kansas. 2-Sisters: Cora Lee Ott - Hartshorne. Ruby Ramey - McAlester. Several Nieces & Nephews. 3-Aunts: Nellie Vaughan - McAlester. Beatrice Vaughan - Ulan. Lou White - Arpelar. 1-Uncle: Dewey Vaughan - McAlester. Came to Okla., from where, Born & Raised in Ulan Area. How long at Present Address, 35 Yrs in Wichita, Kansas. Employed by, Coleman Co., at Wichita, Kansas.

    TOMBSTONE: Virgil John Smith US NAVY, World war I, May 12 1920 - May 17 1983, Ulan Cemetery, Ulan, near Indianola, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

    LETTER: Information is a letter from Don Martin Thomas, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 and addressed to Keith Elwood Morris & Nancy Morris, Long Beach, CA. 90808. Letter sent in the Spring of 1998, (In/Part with some Corrections), reads as follows:
    Dear Keith & Nancy,
    I have been busy. I think I have documented the William T. Smith family to Thomas M. Smith and that we do have the right William T. Smith family. In McAlester, Oklahoma, Pittsburg County Historical & Genealogical Society, I showed them the picture I took of Virgle John Smith's tombstone.. In going through the obituary envelopes we found the obituary on John D. Smith, (inclosed). The lady at the society said, "I would go down to the Mills Funeral Home." I went down to the Mills Funeral Home expecting them to be rude to me, [the way the White Funeral Home in Weatherford, Texas was rude to me,] but they were nice and helped me find the funeral home records of John D. Smith and his brother, George William Smith Sr. I noted in the records that George William Smith Jr. lived in Quinton, Oklahoma so I drove over to Quinton, OK., and tried to find this George William Smith Jr., no luck. He no longer lived in Quinton, Oklahoma. I drove on to Eufaula, Oklahoma and their library. Their Genealogical section was pitiful - one little tiny book shelve. I then looked for a Cora Ott in the phone book and found one living in Checotha, Oklahoma, so I drove up there. I called her [Cora Ott of Checotha, Oklahoma] and asked her if she was the daughter of Rufus Marlin Smith and sister to George William Smith and Virgel John D. Smith? She, this Cora Ott, said no she did not have them in her family. Driving back to McAlester, Oklahoma I noticed on the funeral home records the name of Ann Williams and beside the name was a phone number. I stayed the night in McAlester and called the phone number asking for an Ann Williams. This lady came on the phone and we had a good long talk. She, Ann Williams, told me about Cora Ott and said she would know. She told me that Cora Ott had a daughter who worked at the Wall Mart in Checotha and that she thought that Cora Ott lived in Hartshone, Oklahoma. I told her, Ann Williams, that I was in Checotha today and talked with Cora Ott, and we went on with our conversation. I told Ann Williams if she would give me her address I would send her what I have on her family. She said she had some pictures her mother gave her and one is in a confederate uniform. I told her that Thomas M. Smith was "Union" and she then said, "maybe it is Union?" I told her I would send her what I had and she said she would have the pictures xeroxed and send to me. Thinking that since the daughter of Cora Ott, who was Martha Casey, worked at the Checotha, Oklahoma Wall Mart, I was sure that the Cora Ott that lived in Checotha was the Cora Ott that Ann Williams was talking about. I thought this Martha Casey might work the evening shift at Wall Mart, so I drove back to Checotha, OK., and found out that the Wall Mart closed at 8:00 o:clock. I then drove back to McAlester and spent the night at the motel which I had before I called Ann Williams. The next day I drove back up to Checotha, Oklahoma and asked to see a Martha Casey at their Wall Mart. She was a nice looking lady a little older than myself. She told me that her mother lived on the main street in Hartshone, Oklahoma. I asked if her Smith family were Indian? She said her grandfather, which would be Rufus Marlin Smith, looked Indian. I told her also, that if she would give me her address I would send her what I had on the Smith family. I then drove to Hartshone, Oklahoma. I asked at the Post Office where Cora Ott lived and they said they were unable to give me that information. I then went to the City Offices and asked and they told me where and how to find her house. I knocked on the door and a lady said come in, so I opened the door and went in. A younger looking lady came to the door and looking in, I noticed an older lady sitting in a stuffed chair right across from me and the door. I asked if she was Cora Ott, and she replied, yes. I then went on to explain that Ann Williams told me how to find her daughter, Martha Casey, and that her daughter told me how to find her. I started asking questions and in time she said sit here which was her wheel chair, stating that everyone sits in it when they come to visit her. Cora Lee (Smith) Ott stated that Rufus Marlin Smith was her father. I asked her if she knew the name of the father of Rufus Marlin Smith? She said, trying to remember, I think Jack or John? She stated, "well I remember going to his funeral when I was three years of age." A little later when I started to tell her the name of her grandfather, I said and your grandfather was William, and she quickly said, "that?s right Bill, you just jogged my memory." She said they called him Bill and Will. Later when I talked about how his sister, Sarah Ellen "Ella" (Smith) Lick Munrow Rennels Stubblefield lived in Savanna, Oklahoma, she, Cora Lee (Smith) Ott, stated that she thought that Will Smith's funeral was held in Savanna. She stated, "they was bringing his casket out of a big white house, down the front steps and as they came along the sidewalk I was standing and looking as the casket passed by." I thought later that I guess that Sarah Ellen "Ella" ( Smith) Lick Munrow Rennels Stubblefield could have been living with her mother in Savanna, Oklahoma in a big white house? Cora Lee (Smith) Ott stated that she had been in a bad automobile accident and crushed her hip. The other young lady got up and stated she was going to walk around the block. Cora Lee (Smith) Ott stated she could kind of remember an Aunt by the name of either, Ella or Sarah or Ellen, and that she went blind. I then asked or stated, "well Rufus Marlin Smith was the oldest and then who came next." She corrected me, stating, "no the oldest was Luther, we used to call him "Lute. He was given bad brew that had strychnine in it and it killed him. Later the doctor told us that there was enough strychnine in the brew to kill nine men." I asked about an Arthur Smith, and she said, "Uncle Arthur." I asked what happened to him and she said he moved to Long Beach, California. She said she has cousins out there by the name of Cliff and Jeff Smith. Cora Lee (Smith) Ott stated that her father was the first man to ride for the phony express in that area. She said she had a sister in Harrison, Arkansas, Ada Malone. Cora Lee (Smith) Ott stated that she could not remember the husbands name of her sister Odie, but her husband, Odie's husband, made her a casket and that she, Cora Lee (Smith) Ott, was the only one who knew where she, Odie, was buried in the Choate Prairie Cemetery. She said that Odie was buried in an unmarked grave under a tree and, now with her hip and all she can't get out to visit their graves and that she some day wanted to put a tombstone on Odie's grave. When Cora Lee (Smith) Ott mentioned the part about Luther Smith, I got real happy, because I remembered the Luther Smith that was the son of Alice and W.T. Smith which was buried near Thomas M. Smith's grave and tombstone in the Choate Prairie Cemetery. The Luther part about our conversation, and the part about her grandfather being "Will" kind of documented that her family was connected to Thomas M. Smith. The real good part about all this was when I found the Death Certificate of W.T. Smith with the name of "Mrs. S.E. Stubblefield" on the bottom of the death certificate and that he was buried in Indianola, Oklahoma. I went back to the library thnking that since Cora Ott was born in 1928 and she went to her grand-fathers, William T. Smith's funeral at three years of age, he, W.T. Smith probably died around 1931 or 1932. I then started to look through the funeral records of Humphery Funeral Home and found the death certificate of W.T. Smith. The death certificate looks like it is a M.T. Smith but on the index to the Humphery Funeral Home records it is W.T. Smith. I think this is a major find since it does indeed document Cora Ott's family and William T. Smith to Thomas M. Smith. Later I found the obituary of Rufus Marlin Smith. Sending divorce records between Ellen Rennels and her Rennels husband. Sending some probate records of M.C. "Mack" Moody. I found an Arthur McWhirter in Cook County, Gainesville, Texas but have not had time to really see if it is the correct Arthur McWhirter? Sending marriage record of Mattie Vaughan and Rufus Marlin Smith. You might look to see if you can find anyting about Arthur Smith there in Long Beach? Until next time cousins, Don.
  • Birth: 12 MAY 1920 in Ulan, Pittsburg, Oklahoma
  • Death: 17 MAY 1983 in Wichita, Sedqwick, Kansas
  • Burial: 20 MAY 1983 Ulan, Pittsburg, Oklahoma - Ulan Cemetery

    Father: Rufus Marlin Smith b: 22 NOV 1889 in , , Arkansas
    Mother: Mattie Mae Vaughan b: 3 MAR 1892 in , , Indian Territory

    Marriage 1 Carrie L. Butler
    • Married: JUN 1953 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
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