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  • ID: I27
  • Name: Hugo Laroche FRIEDLANDER
  • Given Name: Hugo Laroche
  • Surname: Friedlander
  • Prefix: Dr
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 14 APR 1828 in Koln
  • Death: 1906 in Rangoon,Burma
  • Note:
    pages from Hugo Friedlander's Diary:
    22nd Sept 1902 Monday
    As there is no Family Bible in the house the one I had was lost in the fire in the night at 3.30am of the 9th March 1888 - the same night that the old German Kaiser died on the corner of Brooking & Merchants Streets east. So I shall here give some genealogical information for all my children.
    My father was Sigismund Mark Friedlander born in Nurnburg on the 19th October 1795.
    My mother was Friederike Pfahl born 1st June 1799. I am sure of that. On the 30th June.
    These were my brothers and sisters
    1. Moritz born 23rd June 1823 died October 1848
    2. Louis (died 2 months old)
    3. Benny born 7th July 1826
    4. Hugo (me) born 14th April 1828
    5) Edward born 14th June 1830
    6) Robert born 10th April 1832
    7) Rosalie born 9th July 1834
    8) Gustav born 24th Feb 1836

    1) Moritz died 8th Oct 1848 25 years old/
    2) Benny is also dead. He must have died in Philadelphia. He had 2 sons & one daughter
    a) Augusta died of consumption in Denver Colorado.
    b) Eugen
    c) Emilie
    3) Robert went to America in 1856, when I left for India, married in America & had 2 children.
    a) Otto, died of consumption 28yrs old.
    b) Carey, married to Dr Feldstein in Philadelphia & has 3 children whose names are not known to me.
    Edvard has never been married
    4) Rosalie married a merchant named Schverenberg, who died in Batavia in 1869, & she went home with her 3 years old little boy in a Dutch ship round the cape in 1869 Feb & of that ship nothing has been heard of since she left Batavia. It is supposed she must have foundered in a cyclone near Mauritius.
    5) Gustav married in 1860 his and my cousin Friederike (Rickchea) Friedlander & had 6 children, 3 of them died very young. The remaining 3 are a) Ida, married to a Mr Meuleman in Bandoeng Preanger Regactshappen some 200 miles in the hills near Batavia.
    b) Franciska, married at Batavia living there.
    c) Martin, about 30 years old in Batavia
    I married my wife Mary Dec 15th 1864 & my children are:
    1) Henry born 4th Dec: 1865
    2) Jane born 21st July 1867
    3) Helen born 4th Dec 1868 spinster
    4) Lucy born 3rd Aug 1870
    5) Max born 12th April 1872
    6) Norman born 2nd Jan 1874
    7) Mary born 30th Nov 1875
    8) Maggie born 9th July 1977
    9) Nancy born 28th June 1880
    10) Lionel born 14th June 1882
    11) Frank born 12th Jan 1884
    12) Robert born 12th Nov 1885 died 12 days old
    13) Walter born 12th Oct 1886 died 2nd Dec 1886
    Mama was born in Batavia the 31st July 1845, & died 25th Oct 1886 on a Monday afternoon, & was buried on Tuesday 26th Oct in Pazoondoung cemetery.
    Baby Robert was buried on 25th Nov: 1885 in that same cemetery.
    But Walter, who died 2nd Dec 1886 lies buried in the Roman Catholic cemetery in Pazoondoung, as my wife wished that he should be baptized by Bishop Bigaudet & become Roman Catholic, & I carried out her last wish.
    Now Lionel, who died at Maymyo last Friday 19th Sept, lies buried in Maymyo cemetery.
    As I said, I was born on the 14th April 1828, & am now nearly 74 years old, but feel still hearty & hale too, only my eyesight begins to fail me.
    I was educated after private tuition from my 14th year at the
    Gymnasium in Essen, in Rheinland. The place where Krupp's Establishment is, which I then knew & saw often. When 19 years I went to the Universities. First Bonn, near Cologne on the Rhine where I studied 3 years. Second to Halle, Roomce Saxony where I studied 1 years & here on this University I took my degree as Doctor Medicinae et Chirurgen on Feb 23rd 1853.
    Third I went to Berlin, where I studied 1 year & passed my State Examen.
    I then served as Volunteer Doctor for 1 year in 1854 in the Prussian Army, & was attached as such to a company of the 17th Infantry regiment in the garrison of Cologne.
    In 1856 I went from home. I took a Dutch sailing vessel, wanted to see the world & find somewhere an opening for my practice.
    The ship's name was Burgomester van Raenen, the captains name, a young man of good family, was Vander Meer van Kuffeler.
    We went to London, from London to Melbourne, from Melbourne to Batavia. There I stopped to set up a practice, as Hollanders very much like German doctors in preference to their own countrymen. I arrived in Batavia by the end of 1857. But to get the concession for practice, I had to undergo before a commission of Doctors, an examination, which I did living in the Great Hospital there, at my expense, for six weeks, & came off with flying colours. This spread through the German community there, & at once had a very paying practice not only amongst Germans, but also Dutch big merchants
    & their families & had all advocates, curiously, for my clients.
    That document of my concession is still in my possession amongst my private papers, which in Dutch says "An Acte van toelating tei intoefenung derge - meskindize praktyk"
    But the climate was against me in Batavia as long as I was in Java - I really was never well, nor did I enjoy my life.
    I had there a very severe attack in 1863 of colic from bilious stones in the liver, which nearly killed me. After this attack, my health was really
    impaired & friends of mine advised me to go to Rangoon, ( they knew the place) as there was a good climate & a prosperous German community.
    I left Java in the end of 1866,
    arrived here in February 1867, & am here since then permanently settled.
    I may say that in August 1867 at my instigation the German Club here was founded by Mr Niebuhr oer Stohman & myself whose names appear on all shares of the Club. In this book are many items of my family, that is to say relating to my children.
    I wish that Max would copy every entry in this book relating to me, my wife their mother & all children, & give a full copy to every one of his brothers & sisters.
    Henry shall keep this book, & after Henry, Max. I wrote this all today - Monday 22nd Sept 1902, for my childrens sake in memory of their father & mother.
    Dr Hugo Laroche Friedlander.

    Saturday 29th Sept 1902
    40 Creek St
    Nine days already is my poor boy under the ground, and from letters from a Mr McCann & Mr George in Maymyo, we know now, how fearfully the poor boy has been neglected as the Railway Company has sent away the Railway doctor from Hsipay, & as my poor boy wrote in his last letter, doing things on the cheap.
    Twenty years ago I read again the whole bible, & what struck me, who had been stranded here, & which verse I never then forgot was,
    23 chapter
    20 verse
    Behold I shall send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.

    Wednesday 8th Oct 1902
    Today at a quarter to three o'clock in the afternoon, Nancy (Mrs A R Mackenzie) was prematurely delivered of a boy.
    So far mother & child are doing well 5 pm 8/10/1902.

    Mrs. Sydney A. Christopher's (Mary's) baby was baptised yesterday evening at 5 p.m. in St Philip's church by Rev. Mr. Briggs & named Irene Mary -after the ceremony there was cake & wine in Mary's house.
    Rev. Mr. Briggs was godfather & Lily (Max's wife) godmother.
    Thursday 16th Oct 1902.

    On Wednesday, the 3rd June 1903, Maggie was married at Sagaing (Upper Burma) in the Roman Catholic chapel by Rev. Father Lafon to Martin Bruen, of Sligo, Ireland, Engineer of the Railway Ferry at Sagaing.

    On 17th March 1903 Nancy's baby Malcolm Hugh Mackenzie was christened at Sagaing (upper Burma) by the Rev: Hodder.

    On Tuesday, the 13th October 1903, at 6 o'clock in the evening, Lily (Max's wife) was delivered of a fine big boy, who used his lungs powerfully shortly after his arrival in this world. [note in margin: Ralph]
    We were then living in 41, Dalhousie St., East, Rangoon - mother & child are doing well.

    Thursday 22nd Oct 1903.
    41 - Dalhousie St.
    Five days after Lily's baby was born he was put on the scales, & weighed 9 1/2 lbs. The baby-boy has a head so full of hairs as I have seldom seen. The hair is dark brown. He has a powerful voice & will sing Bass in after years & if he follows his mother, he will become a man of 6 feet.

    Sunday 29th Nov: 1903.
    Nancy was here the whole of last week with Malcolm, who begins to stand & tries to talk. He is a strong fine boy.
    Last Friday the 27th Nov, I got a letter from Bonnaud that Lucy had a miscarriage on the 17th Nov last, & this morning, Sunday, the 29th Nov: I got a
    letter from Bruen in Sagaing, that Maggie had a miscarriage on Tuesday the 24th Nov: last, & the child was removed by an operation & alive.

    Sunday 6th Dec: 1903
    On Monday (30th Nov:) last I wrote to Bonnaud & to Nancy.
    Since then I received on Thursday 3rd Dec: a letter from Nancy, saying that Maggie's child was as small as a doll & from a letter from Bruen in which he says that she is in weight only 4lbs but still alive.
    He says nothing, whether Maggie nurses the child or it is brought up by the bottle only. Maggie herself is so far doing well & Nancy is now a great help to her.

    Birthdays in my family
    My father Siegmund Martin Friedlander was born 19th Oct 1795
    My mother Friederika Friedlander was born 1st June 1799.
    My father died in 1860
    My mother died January 1883.
    Brothers & sister
    Moritz was born 9th June 1823 died January 1849.
    Benny was born 7th July 1826
    I was born 14th April 1828.
    Edvard was born 14th June 1830.
    Robert " " 10th April 1832
    Rosalie " " 7th July 1834.
    Gustav " " 24th Feb. 1836

    On Saturday 12th Dec 1903 was christened inthe Cathedral, Max & Lily's baby, Ralph Hugh Friedlander by Archdeacon Dyer.

    On Monday 21st Dec: 1903 a baby (girl) was born to Mackenzie & Nancy, at Sagaing, in Maggie's Railway Bungalow at 1.30 a.m., early in the morning. [note in margin: "Mousey", not sure of her proper name!]

    On the 24th Nov: 1903, a daughter was born at Sagaing (Railway Bungalow 14) to Bruen and Maggie.

    Maggie's baby was christened at Sagaing in the Roman Catholic chapel by Rev: Father Lafon with the names Mary Olive Gillan Bruen on 4th Jan 1904.

    On the 21st Dec: a daughter was born at Sagaing (Railway Bungalow 14) in Maggie's house to McKenzie & Nancy on Monday, the fourth January 1904 Maggie's baby was christened in the Roman Catholic chapel at Sagaing (Upper Burma) by the Rev. Father Lafon with the name of Mary Olive Gillan Bruen. The name Gillan is the family name of Bruen's mother, & Mary from Maggie's mother's side.

    Saturday 12th March 1904
    Today at noon Nancy embarked in the R.S steamer Bibara at noon for Madras to a visit to Allan's family in the Madras Presidency she well stay with Allan's family for a year with Malcolm & the girl baby. Allan will return to Burma in may next his leave being only 2 months and 4 days.

    On the 22nd of March 1904,Willie's father old Mr Bonnaud died & was buried on the 23rd March 1904.As Lucy writes he left out of his last will all his children & grandchildren, & left everything to his wife, the stepmother in the family. On Sunday afternoon the 19th April 1904, I received a telegram from Allan from Sadorg Railway Station (Southern Mahratta Railway) as follows: "Father died suddenly this morning. Hardly has money & the children been there a month with the grandfather of Malcolm. I could not help crying when I read it.

    On 26th May 1904 Mackenzie's baby, born at Sagaing on 21st Dec: 1903 was christened at Poona Marjorie Laroche Mackenzie

    On Wednesday 5th October 1904, shortly before 7 am in the morning a daughter was born to Sydney and Mary.

    Nancy has had convulsions in 1894, generally at night after coming from a party. The last she had on 26th June 1894 (Tuesday) 2 days before her birthday. She was growing so very fast & more a consequence of that than of any particular suffering or affection in her constitution, as she also like all my children has never been ill.
    On the 12th Sept 1896 died at Philadelphia USA my brother Robert who held a most honourable position amongst the Germans there, was proprietor & editor of the Philadelphia Abendpost, & one of the prominent Germans in America.
    He leaves a widow, Therese (ne Koshload) & a daughter

    Mariette, married with Dr A Feldstein there.

    On the 14th Dec: 1896, Norman joined the German ship Erwin Richiners, Capt Schtt.
    In July 1896 Lucy asked my consent to marry William Alexander Bonnaud of Calcutta, of the Finance Department of the Government of India.
    On 13th Jan: 1897 Lucy left in the SS Mecca.. (Wednesday), for Calcutta, to get married in St Stephen's Church, Kidderpore to W.A.Bonnaud on Monday 25th Jan:1897
    On Monday 25th Jan:1897 at 4.50 pm Lucy married Mr William Alexander Bonnaud - clerk in the financial depart. Govt of India at the London Mission Church, Hastings, Calcutta. Rev Levitt was the clergyman.
    On 16th Jan: 1898 was born my granddaughter, Maud Wales.

    On 9th Jan: 1898 was born at Calcutta (19 Circular Garden Reach Road, Kidderpore) Beatrix Mildred Bonnaud.
    William Alexander Bonnaud 8th Jan
    Sydney Albert Christopher 26th Nov: born in 1871.

    On 27th July 1898 ( Wednesday) my daughter Mary was married in At Philip's Church by the Rev:Andrews Smith to Sydney Albert Christopher Barrister-at-Law at 8 o'clock a.m.

    On 24th May 1899 Mary's baby was christened in St. Philip's Church at 5 p.m. by Rev:Philip Reid, & named Sybil Phoebe Christopher.
    Godfather Henry, Godmother - Miss Betsie Duncan.
    On the 19th April 1899 at past 9 pm was born a daughter to Sydney & Mary- The confinement was for Mary a surprisingly easy one -She was baptized in At Philip's Church & named Sybil Phoebe Christopher.

    On the 21st May 1900 was born at 7pm a daughter to Sydney & Mary Christopher in Lewis Mary's confinement was this time also a quick & easy one.
    On the 18th June 1900 at 5 pm died Mary's & Sydney's baby who was christened by the Rev: Chaplain on Friday the 15th June & named Esme Laroche Christopher. She was 28 days old, & suffered from the same symptoms of gastroenteritis as my own son Walter who died in Dec 2nd 1886.
    The Baby Esme was buried this morning 19th June 1900 in Pazoondaung cemetery.

    {end of incomplete diary pages}

    [further notes:
    Attended school opposite Krupps in Essen (confirmed in Diary above)
    Doctor in (Danish?) war, decorated by Kaiser. (unconfirmed)
    Departure from Batavia under a cloud. By family legend, Hugo had chopped off the hand of an intruder.
    Anglican marriage in Singapore confirmed: -see marriage notes
    was this to regularise an earlier ceremony? Was Hugo's wife Eurasian?, certainly many family members thought so. She may have been Roman Catholic originally]

    [To Check LDS christenings in Burma try batches C750669 C393634]
  • Change Date: 11 FEB 2006 at 18:09:14

    Father: Sigismund Martin FRIEDLANDER b: 19 OCT 1795 in Nuremburg,Germany
    Mother: Friederike PFAHL b: 1 JUN 1799

    Marriage 1 Marie LORCH OR LAROCHE b: 31 JUL 1845 in Batavia,Java
    • Married: 24 OCT 1867 in Singapore St. Andrew's Church (Solemnized).
    • Note:
      St. Andrew's Church (Church of England) Singapore
      Returns for their Wedding forwarded to Calcutta
      24 October 1867 between HUGO FRIEDLANDER
      38 years old Bachelor
      Physician in Rangoon
      Married MARIE LORCH
      22 years Spinster of Batavia
      Fathers Name & Surname: Sigismund Friedlander
      Fathers Name & Surname: John Friederick Lorch
      By License (not Banns)
      Two Witnesses: John Richardson and Mr. B. Edmunds

      15th Dec 1864 is the date Hugo says he married Mary (in his diary).

      Bengal marriage index available on Cathy Day's site:
      Friedlander Hugo. Lorch Marie year 1867, volume 122, folio 102
    1. Has Children Henry FRIEDLANDER b: 4 DEC 1865
    2. Has Children Jane Laroche FRIEDLANDER b: 21 JUL 1867
    3. Has No Children Helen FRIEDLANDER b: 4 DEC 1868
    4. Has Children Lucy FRIEDLANDER b: 3 AUG 1870
    5. Has Children Max FRIEDLANDER b: 12 APR 1872
    6. Has No Children Norman FRIEDLANDER b: 2 JAN 1874
    7. Has Children Mary FRIEDLANDER b: 30 NOV 1875
    8. Has Children Marguerite FRIEDLANDER b: 9 JUL 1877 in Rangoon,Burma
    9. Has Children Nancy FRIEDLANDER b: 28 JUN 1880 c: 27 FEB 1885 in Holy Trinity Church,Rangoon by G F Pop.. Blyth
    10. Has No Children Lionel Laroche FRIEDLANDER b: 14 JUN 1882 c: 27 FEB 1885 in Holy Trinity Church,Rangoon by G F Pop.. Blyth
    11. Has Children Frank Laroche FRIEDLANDER b: 12 JAN 1884 in Rangoon,Burma c: 27 FEB 1885 in Holy Trinity Church,Rangoon by G F Pop.. Blyth
    12. Has No Children Robert Laroche FRIEDLANDER b: 11 NOV 1885 in Rangoon,Burma c: 17 NOV 1885 in Holy Trinity Church,Rangoon by D G Latham Browne
    13. Has No Children Walter FRIEDLANDER b: 12 OCT 1886 in Rangoon,Burma c: 4 NOV 1886 in Rangoon,Burma

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